Learning from Afghanistan: Tacit Knowledge and Military Practices in Western

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This project explores the tacit knowledges gathered from Afghanistan in three domains (civil-military relations; the strategic utility of large-scale, land-based military interventions; cooperation with allies) and their influence on contemporary military practices. Scholarship has explored the “explicit knowledge” gathered from Afghanistan through studies of the changes in tactics, arms procurement and doctrine triggered by the conflict. However, no study has explored how the multiple practices of modern warfare generated by the intervention have produced tacit knowledges which are shared within the armed forces and in turn shape current military practices. Investigating how military organizations perceive those issues based on the Afghanistan experience is thus critical for scholarly debates on the sources of military change, but also for societal debates: critically studying the shapers of current military practices is important for a democratic discussion on the sound use of force.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/09/201831/05/2020


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