Konceptudvikling af OPP-platform i New York City og etablering/udvikling af OPP-platforme i Mexico City, Mumbai og Shanghai til eksport af danske klima-, miljø- og energiløsninger

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The objective of the project is to provide a local platform and a strong network necessary to bring Danish solutions into play, especially for Danish SMEs offering new approaches and solutions within climate, environment and energy to the targeted markets (cities) New York City, Mexico City, Mumbai and Shanghai.

Experience from the existing Danish Cleantech Hub in New York City will be further developed and exploited to establish a generic PPP export model to be implemented in Mexico City, Mumbai and Shanghai.

The target groups in Denmark include SMEs with an expertise on new methodologies and solutions to climate, environment and energy challenges, and with an interest in expanding their business to New York City, Mexico City, Mumbai and Shanghai. Other stakeholders include authorities, organisations, enterprises and universities interested in learning from the Danish experience and willing to connect with Danish service and solution providers.

Key to the project is to document, consolidate and share information and knowledge among stakeholders to build on new learnings obtained throughout the project. This will be done by all project partners and in particular University of Southern Denmark.


Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/201601/09/2018