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  • Paulraj, Antony (PI)

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The overarching purpose of the proposed network activities is to establish a Danish/Indian research network that could serve as a think-tank for “sustainable innovation” research. Specifically, our strategic objective is to acknowledge the indisputable importance of merging the notions of innovation and sustainability and looking at it from the supply chain perspective. Additionally, our objective is also to showcase its ability to have a significant positive impact on organizational performance as well as sustainable development.
We expect the outcomes of the network activities to be: (1) identifying key topics of research enquires on “sustainable innovation from the supply chain perspective” which can result in multiple research grant applications to Danish, EU, and Indian funding sources, (2) completing two research grant applications to be submitted before the end of the network activity period, (3) writing one research article comparing and contrasting sustainable innovation practices in Denmark and India, and, more importantly, (4) continuing future collaboration with our Indian network partners.
Our plan of action in 2015 is to organize two workshops to bring together academic and business experts so as to understand sustainable innovation practices in developing and developed nations. These workshops will also give us the opportunity to initiate research collaborations with our network partners. We will also visit leading Indian and Danish companies to interview executives about the sustainable innovation practices along their supply chain. These interviews will also help us to nurture business contacts that are mandatory to conduct future research in this research area. Most importantly, the planned activities will help us in not only writing a research article comparing practices in Denmark and India, but also identifying key research topics for developing research proposals for various funding sources.


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