Innovation as Cultural Building Block

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This Agreement shall serve as a framework setting out the general terms and conditions under which the Consultant shall perform certain consultancy services proposed by Lundbeck and agreed to by the Consultant from time to time. The services shall include, but not be limited to, participation in expert meetings and advisory boards, preparation and performance of presentations and expert advice (“Consultancy Services”). The Parties will from time to time agree on a specific Consultancy Service to be performed by the Consultant. The detailed scope of work, timeline, budget and payment schedule, required quality standard as well as other specifics for each Consultancy Service shall be set out in writing in the work orders attached hereto (“Work Order”) and numbered in succession; i.e. Appendix 1, Work Order 1; Appendix 1, Work Order 2, etc. Each Consultancy Service shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the Agreement in addition to the specific details set forth in the relevant appendices.


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