Initiative for a Maritime Health and Safety Indicator Monitoring Program

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Initiative for a Maritime Health and Safety Monitoring Program


The monitoring of the work environment that is routinely carried out for employees in the land-based industries has not received the same attention at sea. The maritime target group includes the seafarers, fishermen, port workers, offshore workers, their families as well as the students in maritime academies. The plan is to establish a continuous monitoring program of working conditions and the impact on their health and safety. The initiative contributes to the completion of some CMSS-mandatory tasks, it supports the strategy of prioritising quantitative studies, contributes to the Blue SDU program and to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Especially Objective 3: Good health and well-being for all workers and Objective 14: Life underwater with observations on compliance with good waste management on board and observation of visible pollution at sea. The program has opened up international cooperation in twin projects, e.g. via the collaboration agreements


• To develop and implement a monitoring program for the health and safety of the seafarers, fishermen, port workers and offshore workers.
• To continuous update the systematic knowledge of the psychosocial and physical work environment for seafarers, fishermen, port workers, offshore workers and the well-being of their families.
• To provide systematic knowledge for effective and cost-effective prevention initiatives


The project builds in a wholistic approach to better monitor work related health and safety. A combination of quantitative and qualitative methods for data collection are considered. Furthermore, data collected from CMSS twining Universities will be used for cross-sectional studies with the respective countries including Denmark, France, Greece, Iceland, Thailand and The Philippines.
The research takes places with standardized, validated questionnaires. These questionnaires include: the Nordic Ergonomics Scheme, for the descrition of the ergonomic situation, the Nordic Safety Climate Scheme dealing with the safety issues in the working environment, the Copenhagen Psycho-Social Social Questionnaire (CoPSQ) reflecting besides the mental health issues, more general concerns related to the the organisation and management of the company and the General Health Questionnaire (GHQ) which gives insigt to the employees health concerns. All relevant demographic and epidemiological variables are taken into consideration for each country as well as: discipline, position, type of vessel/workplace. These allow for valid comparisons over time and between the different disciplines and types of work to identify needs for prevention interventions.

Expected results

The constantly updated knowledge of occupational hazards in the maritime environment is expected to help employees and shipping companies keep pace with a good working environment. The analyzes of the indicators in the different demographic variables, age, job, work area, etc., identify the most important areas for occupational health preventive interventions in the companies. The results could be used as training material and could spil over to relevant modules.


October 2019 - December 2024 (evaluation )



Project team from CMSS

Senior Researcher, Specialist in Occupational Medicine, Olaf Jensen, MD, MPH
Senior Researcher, Despena Andrioti Bygvraa, PhD
Postdoc, Fereshteh Baygi, PhD

Among the finished projects:

Seafarers’ views on the impact of the Maritime
Labour Convention 2006 on their living and working conditions: results from a pilot study (Fotteler M et al.)
Danish Port workers health and safety study by two MScPubHealth students´ graduation thesis in Esbjerg 2018-2019 (Nielsen and Nielsen article on Port Workers based on their thesis)

Ongoing project:
Seafarers’ psycho-social working environment by students from the Faculty of International Maritime Studies, Kasetsart University, Thailand 2019-2020.

Twinning project:
Wellbeing of Italian seafarers during the Covid-19 Pandemic 2020, using the General Health Questionnaire GHQ 12 by Dr. Giuliano Pese, Policlinico Triestino SPA, Italy for his Master Maritime Medicine Thesis, University of Cadiz FUECA, Spain 2020.


Among the finished projects:

Danish Port workers health and safety study by two MscPubHealth students´ graduation thesis in Esbjerg 2018-2019 (with an article based on their thesis)


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Kort titelMaritime Monitoring Program
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