IEA IETS Annex Task XVIII - Digitization, artificial intelligence and related technologies for energy efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in industry

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The main goal of IEA-IETS Annex XVIII is to stimulate the technology adoption of digital solutions for improving energy efficiency and reducing GHG emissions in the process industry. To achieve its goal, Annex XVIII will orchestrate purpose-driven dissemination activities that will be led by digitalization and sector experts. These activities have their offspring in four tasks that have been identi-fied through a series of meetings held by country experts and industry stakeholders. The four tasks will be conducted by the Annex participants. The dissemination activities will be conducted as online and physical meetings, and serves to disseminate the deliverables of the four tasks.
Kort titelIEA IETS Annex Task XVIII
Effektiv start/slut dato01/07/202131/12/2024


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