GreMeOH - Green Methanol and Hydrogen Production

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There is a double urgency to transform Europe's energy system: ending the dependence on fossil fuels and tackling the climate crisis. Green Power-to-X (PtX) solutions are seen as a cornerstone of Europe’s green transition and as main building block for reaching carbon neutrality by 2050. The project “Green H2 and MeOH in DK - realizing cost leadership and scalability (GREMEOH)” funded by Innovation Fund Denmark’s InnoMission2 Partnership aims at bringing Denmark and the EU a step closer to levelling the cost of green hydrogen and methanol to fossil parity. The accelerate cost-efficient scaling of manufacturing and assembly of H2O-electrolysis and H2- and CO2-based methanol processing units is a key building block to serve a rapid increase in demand for these green fuels.

GREMEOH will focus on scaling up the smart manufacturing and assembly of green PtX production units, i.e., electrolysers for the green hydrogen production and H2- and CO2-based methanol processing units. For this purpose, the project will address the following research activities:

Design and selection of Industry 4.0 production strategies based on exploration of existing practices at the industry partners sites.

Development and simulation of strategies for sourcing, conceptualizing (global) supply chain solutions, solutions for in‐ and outbound logistics, and for the layout and production and control of the manufacturing and assembly systems.

Development of a roadmap for automation, digitalization of information and manufacturing flow, considering the use of IoT, Robotics, Industrial Digital Twin standards and tools in collaboration with technology vendors and innovation partners.

Development of a plan for the stepwise implementation and integration of potentially relevant ICT‐solutions for automation and decision support.

Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/202330/06/2025


  • European Energy (leder)
  • Green Hydrogen Systems


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