Green Growth in Bangladesh pangas and tilapia aquaculture

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The purpose is to provide the knowledge base on water quality, fish farm economics and value chain functioning, for achieving green growth in freshwater pangas and tilapia aquaculture in Bangladesh. Today, value chains are short, value added is limited and export is small. This project focuses on obstacles to upgrade; water and fish quality, readiness of sector to meet developed consumer preferences and international standards, economic optimization on farms and improved functioning of value chains through increased transparency of actors and governance. Knowledge is increased through senior research
cooperation and by educating PhDs. Questions addressed are: To what extent are fishdepleting microorganisms, arsenic, lead and pesticides of economic importance? Can they be reduced? Do water quality initiatives pay? What is the optimal level of water quality? Who are the main actors in the value chain? What governance modes are applied? How are prices formed? Can chains be upgraded through governance, water and fish quality and export focus? Methodological foundation is value chain analysis, economic optimization, applied economics and environmental science. The knowledge provided forms basis for
assessing governance and firm management in the chain. The knowledge will be
disseminated scientifically and for actors in the chain, administrators and politicians. University of Copenhagen (UC) coordinates together with Patuakhali Science and Technology University (PSTU) and Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU). Workpackages are on water quality, farm economics and value chains.


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