GRØ - sustainability for companies

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The overall objective of GRØ is to promote sustainability and the transition to circular economy solutions with a focus on SMEs. Sustainable management is an important aspect of meeting the global challenges of securing the basis of life for humans and nature. The circular economy plays a central role in this context. German and Danish companies face the challenge of meeting the increased demands of customers and business partners in the future and being competitive and sustainable. The GRØ project is based on the experiences of the Interreg 5A sustainability project SARA. Here it became apparent to both Danish and German companies that
- the SDGs are too complex to use as a tool for SME.
- limited resources within small and medium sized companies are hurdles.
- companies often know WHAT to do, but not HOW.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/04/202331/03/2026


  • KielRegion GmbH (leder)
  • Wirtschaftsförderung Rendsburg-Eckernförde (Projektpartner)
  • Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Nordfriesland mbH (Projektpartner)
  • Kalundborgegnens Erhvervsråd (Projektpartner)
  • Business Esbjerg (Projektpartner)
  • Sorø Kommune (Projektpartner)
  • Flensburg University of Applied Sciences (Projektpartner)


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