Global ecological and economic connections in Arctic and sub-Arctic crab fisheries

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We are planning an output-oriented workshop in late 2018 to continue newly developing international and interdisciplinary research pertaining to a comprehensive view of global interactions in evolving Arctic and sub-Arctic crab fisheries. This will be a continuation of exploratory research currently underway in 2017 in Alaska, Japan and Korea and long-standing research in the Barents Sea. A main goal of the exploratory research, funded by the International Network Programme of the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science, is to support development of a UArctic thematic network on global ecological and economic interconnections on Arctic and sub-Arctic crab fisheries (in initial UArctic review now). Through this research, we seek a more comprehensive understanding of potential risks and opportunities related to shifting global market conditions for global Arctic and sub-Arctic crabs: the Red King (P. camtschaticus) and Snow crabs (C. opilio) that are widely consumed in Japan and Korea. While the crab markets are themselves important, they also provide an important opportunity to investigate how ecological shifts in marine productivity will interact with other market shifts. With significant increases in sea temperatures in the Arctic expected, many species and ecosystems face challenges to their productivity and resilience, creating both risk and opportunity. The crabs present excellent complementary vanguard cases for deeply analyzing these important and uncertain future transitions.


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