Global ecological and economic connections in Arctic and sub-Arctic crab fisheries

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Purpose: The network activities aim to i) Establish a strong ongoing network between the Department of Environmental and Business Economics, SDU; The School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, University of Fairbanks, Alaska, the Center for Far Eastern Studies, Univ. of Toyama Japan, the Korea Maritime Institute and the Dept of Food and Resource Economics, Korea University ii) Share the existing knowledge and delimit the intertwined impacts of demand and supply as ecological conditions, preferences, marketing (in the context of sustainability) and infrastructure/research investments evolve, and iii) Initiate joint research Projects through collaboration with relevant government and industrial stakeholders. Expected outcomes: Danish-American-Japanese-S. Korean cooperation in crab fisheries research will (i) lead to a knowledge sharing platform, including a University of the Arctic (UArctic) thematic network (providing international exposure and opportunity) on such research for relevant stakeholders, (ii) research collaboration that develops models for sustainable, multi-scale global marine resource businesses, and (iii) initiation of additional collaborative research
proposals. The plan of action: i) Two researchers from Denmark have short (7 day) research
visits to Juneau, AK, USA; Toyama, JP; and Seoul, KR, to establish contacts and
develop the relevant scope of cooperation with researchers and their contacts, in order to arrange ii) a late autumn (2017) workshop at SDU where Danish
stakeholders in Arctic and sub-Arctic fisheries and our foreign (Asian and American) partners will share their relevant research and knowledge, and at which iii) we will outline the strategies for future collaboration, beginning with creation and maintenance of a thematic network under UArctic, and expanding to pursuit of research funds from national and international organizations, e.g. the Danish Council for Independent Research, Nordic Council of Ministers, US NSF and Sea Grant programs, US Fulbright Scholar/Specialist program, Japan society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).


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