From elite sport to business - career transitions and athletes as entrepreneurs and innovators

  • Wagner, Ulrik (Overordnet koordinator)

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Aim: The main purpose of this study is to investigate how elite athletes may benefit from experiences, skills and networks gained through their careers in international elite sport once they decide to start their own firms/businesses. The aim is to conduct a comparative study by using Denmark and Australia as examples. Thus our objectives are:
- to explore whether and how core logics of elite sport (peak performances, goal settings, winning) can be transferred to a business context once entrepreneurial athletes enter a transition period from elite sport to civil, business life.
- to elucidate the connection between elite sport policy, educational skills and the process of establishing new ventures.
- to outline similarities and differences between elite sport set-ups in the Denmark and Australia.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/11/201401/03/2017


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  • Griffith University (leder)