Female Sex Hormones and Cognition in Middle-Aged and Elderly Danish Twins

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Women have two-times higher lifetime risk of developing Alzheimer’s dementia (AD) than men. Furthermore, women with AD tend to have lower cognitive function compared to men with AD. This sex difference raises the question of female sex hormones’ influence on cognition and risk of dementia including AD. It also raises the question of whether systemic hormone replacement therapy (HRT) could have a preventive effect on cognitive decline. It is a research area, which has had contradictory findings for decades. The aim of this Ph.D. project is to shed light on the association between female sex hormones and cognition in mid- and late life in Danish twins. Information on endogenous and exogenous estrogen exposure and cognitive function (current cognitive scores, cognitive decline and dementia diagnoses) has been obtained through national registers and twin surveys since 1995. This study provides a unique analytical opportunity, as the twin study design enable us to control for shared environment and genetic factors in a large population of female twins. We are confident that this study will add new knowledge to the area where the findings have been inconsistent.
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