Evaluating the Long-Run Socioeconomic Effects of Childhood Vaccination

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Vaccines provide a major public health benefit through herd immunity. Nevertheless, there is increasing hesitancy and skepticism towards the safety and benefits of said medical investments. The “Evaluating the Long-Run Socioeconomic Effects of Childhood Vaccination” (Valvax) project seeks to identify the potential latent benefits vaccine provide. In this project I seek to answer the question: What are the long-run social benefits attributable to early childhood access and experiences with vaccines? The Valvax project studies how changes in childhood vaccine exposure during the 20th Century affect later life educational, labor force, and income outcomes. This project uses unique data from the Salk Polio Vaccine trials in the U.S.A. and Copenhagen Schools Vaccination records in Denmark to study the long-run effects of increasing or decreasing childhood vaccine coverage.
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