EU Opstart - til Marie Curie EJD om Karriereudvikling

  • Thomsen, Rie (PI)

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The overarching theme and purpose of the project will be ‘Building a vision of
European transformational labourmarkets through career guidance’ and the research
sub-themes are: Evidence of efficacy; Meanings and the making of meanings;
Ingenuity and creative ideas and Leadership in policy and practice (hence the bid
acronym EMIL). Career guidance, is explicitly referenced in policies governing
lifelong learning and labour market activation. European policies for Lifelong
Guidance have been promoted by two Council Resolutions (2004, 2008) and by the
European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network (2007) which directly influences
national guidance policies.
The content of the project will be an international training network: Up to 15 Early
Stage Researchers (ESR) will be employed full time at the partner universities for a
period of 3 years and will be awarded joint Ph.D degrees across project partners.
Each researcher will have joint supervision across the partner universities and a
non-academic partner who will host them and provide access to subjects, data or
other resources which will enhance their inquiry. One university will take the lead
for ensuring research methodology teaching is delivered. Advanced, specific
research methods will be taught in block delivery where all students come together
in one campus. This will foster group cohesion across the cohort and provide
economy of scale in face to face delivery. Inherent to the workshop delivery is
lecture capture with the intention to transform the face to face delivery into digital
content which can be freely accessed by trainee researchers beyond the project and
after the project life span.


Effektiv start/slut dato09/10/201501/03/2017