EU - FP7 - Cooperation - Baltic Sea Information on the Acoustic Soundscape

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The BIAS project has as its over-all objective to establish a regional framework for management of the descriptor 11 indicator 2 (D11.2) based on the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (see Annex 2.8). Before started BIAS there were almost no information on or experience in dealing with underwater noise in accordance with D11.2. BIAS was a forerunner in the European Union in tackling the problems and challenges encountered when implementing the Descriptor on a regional level. This status resulted in the first standards on measurement of ambient sound (Annex 1.1.8 to 1.1.10), in a baseline of noise (Annex 1.2.10), based on an extensive measurement coverage, in first standards on processing of data (Annex 1.1.11), first European acoustic modelling where relevant soundscape maps were produced (Annex 1.1.7), and a first management tool for handling of noise (Annex 1.1.5) as well as being an initiator of the idea to use Spatial and Temporal Sonified Areas (SSA and STA) as an indicator of pressure. It should be underlined that the number of soundscape maps are large and from a manager point of view unmanageable. The soundscape tool is based on the maps and extracts and presents the relevant information in a user-friendly way. The tool has incorporated the concept of SSA and STA, closing the gap between Pressure and GES. Finally an Implementation plan was established, which outlines how to implement D11.2 on a regional level (Annex 1.1.6)
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