Diploma 1-3: Education in Maritime Health Research Methodology

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The Diploma of Maritime Health Research Methodology is divided into three phases and each phase is based on satisfactory completion of the previous phase. The condition for going through all three steps is that the students have passed steps 1,2 in that order and the students can choose only to graduate in Diploma Step 1. The main emphasis of this Diploma is to learn how to conduct independent research and to use the international research outcome for teaching and prevention of health risks. This program is unique, as it is based on research methodological training which is not the case in any other postgraduate courses in maritime health science. The Diploma is open to graduates with relevant first degrees and those with appropriate work experience including health educators, doctors, nurses, hygienists, and other types of health and safety personnel.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/04/202131/03/2026


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