Competing for Equality: Gender and Racial Disparities in Classical Music Competitions since 1890

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Principal Investigator, in charge of €40,000.

In many fields, success is contingent upon winning a competition. However, if competitions are systematically biased against certain types of people, perhaps because of their gender or nationality, society may lose the opportunity to benefit from their talents. The potential for bias is especially strong in the performing arts, where quality is subjective. Together with Marc Law and Roberto Asmat we propose to illuminate this issue by examining the extent of gender and nationality bias in more than two thousand international piano competitions that have been held since the late 19th century. In this project we plan to estimate the degree of gender and racial bias over time and to investigate if the extent of bias is affected by historical events, jury composition, and competition location.

Grant received by the Carlsberg Foundation.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/03/202228/02/2023


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