We seek to initiate a new Blue SDU Student Think Tank. The Think Tank will build a long-term network across academics, graduates in maritime fields, and maritime industry stakeholders through an annual event that brings together interdisciplinary maritime students with stakeholders in the industry to address complex industry challenges. Members of the Blue SDU research network, in cooperation with a maritime industry stakeholder for the year (firm, organization), will set a challenge for teams of interdisciplinary maritime students in an intensive week-long Think Tank experience that is coordinated with Danish Maritime Days (October). In 2016, VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT A/S has agreed to participate as provocateur (providing the challenge) and judge (evaluating the Think Tank output). Each year, the stakeholder participant will be asked to define the overall topic of the year and provide arguments why/how the topic is of relevance to them or the industry in general. The level of detail in the proposed topic may vary with the interests of the firm(s)/institution(s) involved but should work to balance feasibility with the chance for innovative thinking. Thus there is no ‘length requirement’ as the topic may be describable in a few sentences or may take more than a page. Based on the topic of the year, academic members from Blue SDU will flesh out the formal challenge that will be presented to Think Tank student participants to more clearly define the assignment. These Blue SDU members will provide the mentorship throughout the year’s challenge. In future years, Think Tank alumni will also be engaged as mentors when appropriate.


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