Being moved to move – clarifying affectivity dimensions in movement practices

  • Ekdahl, David (Projektdeltager)

Projekter: ProjektForskning



The project focuses on affectivity as an embodied aspect of our involvement in movement practices. Concretely, in selected fields of practices, counting dance, yoga, boxing, parkour and eSports, we investigate affective aspects that characterise the ways we are involved and caught up in the practice. The affective aspects include emotions and moods but cannot be reduced to these. With reference to philosopher Giovanna Colombetti’s (2014, 2015) work, affectivity is understood as our embodied capacity to be affected and touched in a meaningful way. A capacity, which in accordance with our sensorimotor system, works in extended ways and can be environmentally supported (e.g. Colombetti and Krueger 2014). Our investigation into the affective dimensions of selected movement practices thus entails analyses of how we, for example, feel attracted or repelled to things, persons and places. In a wider perspective, the insights and results will shed light on the role of affectivity of importance when we in a health-related perspective, are to understand why some people involve in movement practices and others don’t. We also expect the project to contribute a much-needed counterbalance to the sociological differentiation of movement activities according to the specific logics of the activities (Engstrøm et al. 2018; Eichberg 2005).
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