Advancing Conservation: A science and technology platform for the preservation of cultural heritage in the German-Danish border region

Projekter: ProjektEU



The main purpose of the adCON project is to technologically promote and support preventive conservation methods and identify environmental improvements that can mitigate and finally prevent future damage to selected regional art and heritage collections. In the Danish-German border region, the individual conservators of the cultural heritage are insufficiently linked to scientific institutions. However, this is an essential prerequisite for the transfer of expertise, experience and technologies. With the proposed network project, we seek to provide to all relevant stakeholders in the region a broad portfolio of scientific research, tools, and technologies related to cultural heritage, including different aspects of preventive conservation. Moreover, we plan to take an international leadership role in the field by focusing on several specific cross-border conservation issues. Through the proposed pilot activities we plan to evaluate new procedure and analytical techniques concerning their usefulness in the field. Ultimately, the project brings together those who create and maintain cultural heritage on both sides of the border region in a new network of events, training and expertise, thus also promoting cultural cooperation in the Danish-German border region.
Kort titeladCON
Effektiv start/slut dato01/06/202131/05/2022


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