The Active Ageing Communities (AAC) programme is a new ambitious community-based intervention for older adults designed for fitness and recreational sport environments.
The AAC programme is 24 weeks long and aim to i) improve overall health, physiological capacity (e.g. muscle strength) and physical function (e.g. walking), ii) create a feeling of belonging, into their very own Active Ageing Community, for older adults and perceive and experience physical and psycho-social benefits such as weight loss, improved aerobic capacity, sense of fun, and enjoyment, iii) empowering the participant to establish long-term sustainable active life style.
The AAC Programme is designed with four different modules:
1. Educational awareness module
2. Social inclusion and connectiveness module
3. Exercise module
4. Behavioural change module
The programme will help to reduce levels of social isolation and exclusion of older people, whilst also promoting the importance of regular physical activity and healthy lifestyles.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/202131/12/2022


  • EuropeActive (leder)
  • Czech Chamber of Fitness (Projektpartner)
  • Ireland Active (Projektpartner)
  • SIGA (Projektpartner)
  • SKY-RY (Projektpartner)
  • AGAP (Projektpartner)
  • ANIF Eurowellness (Projektpartner)


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