As there is an increase in tourism businesses that provide outdoor adventure
activities in Norway there is a need to focus on issues related to quality,
professionalism, safety/risk, profitability and sustainability in the sector. As
the Norwegian tourism industry has mainly developed quality assurance
systems for accommodation businesses there is little systematic or science
based knowledge about issues related to quality and professionalism among
the providers of outdoor adventure tourism in the country. As a response to
an initiative from the tourism industry in Norway to develop and test a quality
assurance pilot for providers of outdoor adventure, this project seek to study
1) the quality gaps in Norwegian outdoor tourism operations (as experienced
by the customers)2) the different motivations in the adventure tourism sector
in Norway for implementing a quality assurance system 3) functional and
emotional factors influencing the perceived quality experience of tourists.
Another background for this project proposal is that there are few previous
studies of quality assurance for activity providers in Norway and hardly any
R&D institutions working on these issues in the country. There is following
from this a need for a project through which we can establish a R&D network
that involves both national and international R&D institutions.


Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/201431/12/2016