The Danish Researchers Prize

Pris: Priser, stipendier, udnævnelser


In 2007 Bouchet was awarded the “researcher’s prize” for “Transcending Research” (DM’s Research prize 2007 DM – Dank Magisterforening is the Danish Union of Professors and Researchers within the fields of Humanities, Sciences, & Social Sciences.) The jury expressed its nomination as follows: “Dr. Dominique Bouchet succeeds in moving his research into a transcendent scientific space that challenges the Danish tradition within Social Sciences. By his vivid interest in the principle of change, Dr. Bouchet conveys significant inspiration to science in general. Therefore, in his capacity as an original and transcending researcher and scholar, Dominique Bouchet is awarded the researchers’ prize.”
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Tildelende organisationerDansk Magisterforening