Hollywood's Combat Zone:: The American War Film in the New World Order

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Hollywood’s Combat Zone: The  American War Film in the New World Order, 1991-2009



Today, war is everywhere. In the Middle East, in the media, and in the movies. With the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, the scales tipped, and America is the only superpower left.


This project examines the American war film from 1991 until today. It focuses on three themes: History and historiography; memory and authenticity; and national identity. A vital part is a visit to the Pentagon Film Liaison Office to research interaction between production companies and the military, and vital are also interviews with producers and directors about their choices. What motivated Spielberg to make Saving Private Ryan? Why did Eastwood direct two films in 2006 about the flag raising on Iwo Jima, one from an American and one from a Japanese perspective? Why is Hollywood obsessed with history, authenticity, and national memory?


Political change calls for new stories about ourselves. Recent changes in the global world order are reflected in Hollywood’s war movies, which provide audiences with more than entertainment. Paul Ricoeur has suggested we use fiction to make sense of our world, to construct national identities, and to invent historiography. To regard Hollywood as a mere “dream factory” is to overlook its unique position as global storyteller and co-creator of the history of the new world order. History is changing. And Hollywood is both a part 
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