EURAM project grant: Organizational practices to successfully integrate international migrants

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Current research faces considerable gaps regarding the role of organizations for the successful integration of migrant workers (both to the organization and to society). Building on the idea that organizations can support employee well-being, we provide a comprehensive study on how organizations can contribute to the integration of international migrants. In particular, we analyze whether a system of well-being-oriented organizational practices can help international migrants to adjust to the organization and to society, increase their affective commitment, and therewith promote organizational citizenship behavior of migrants. For this purpose, we have designed an empirical study.
We collect data among international migrants, firm representatives and policy makers. We have already collected and analyzed data in Germany and aim to expand the collection of data to further European countries to enable cross-country comparisons and facilitate successful management of international migrants in a European context. Hence, we aim to replicate the German pilot study in European markets with different migration regimes. In the current phase of the study, we aim to enrich our empirical insights by collecting data in Denmark as a country representing the Scandinavian hemisphere with a rather rigid migration policy.
Grad af anerkendelseInternational
Tildelende organisationerEuropean Academy of Management

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BegivenhedstitelEURAM Annual Conference 2022
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Periode15. jun. 2022 → 17. jun. 2022