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Name: Rasch, Vibeke

Position title: Professor, Consultant


1990: Field of study: Medicine, Degree: MD, University of Southern Denmark
2000: Field of study: Gyn & Obs, Degree: PhD, University of Southern Denmark
2003: Field of study: International Health, Degree: PhD, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
2010: Field of study: International Health, Degree: D.Sci, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
2012: Field of study: Gyn & Obs, Degree: consultant, Odense University Hospital

Positions and employments:
1990-1996  Assistant Medical Doctor, Departments of Medicine, Surgery, Urology, Oncology, Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Odense University Hospital, Denmark
1996-1999  PhD fellow, Dept. of Clinical Research, University of Southern Denmark,
1999-2000  Assistant Medical Doctor, Dept. of Gastrointestinal Surgery, Svendborg Hospital
2000-2003  Research fellow, Dept. of Public Health, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
2000-2003  Assistant Professor, Dept. of Public Health, University of Southern Denmark
2003-2008  Associate Professor, Dept. of International Health, Immunology & Microbiology, University of Copenhagen
2009-2012  Associate Professor, Dept. of Gynecology and Obstetrics (Uro-gynecological team), Odense University, Hospital, Denmark
2012-     Consultant, Dept. of Gynecology and Obstetrics (Uro-gynecological team), Odense  University, Hospital, Denmark
2012-     Professor, Institute of Clinical Research, University of Southern Denmark

Other experience

More than 25 years experiences in sexual and reproductive health research in low income countries with focus on unsafe abortion, postabortion care, antenatal care, sexually transmitted infections (especially HIV and HPV) and intimate partner violence. Experience in research capacity building from six larger research project conducted in Vietnam and/or Tanzania. Partner in the Building Stronger Universities Program (BSU III) at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre with the main responsibility of establishing a research group in reproductive health. The research group currently consists of 1 post doc and 5 phd students. Have further on behalf of the Danish National Board of Health conducted research among immigrant women in Denmark, their contraceptive use and occurrence of induced abortion.

Involvement in international research and research capacity building programmes

2000-2002 Principal investigator in a combined quantitative and qualitative study focusing on induced abortion and contraceptive use among ethnic Danish women and immigrant women. Funded by the Danish National Board of Health (DKK 1,200,000)2000-2000 Principal investigator in a Danida funded project on unsafe abortion and postabortion care conducted in collaboration with Muhimbili National Center, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (DKK 1,734,000)

2002-2005 Partner in an EU INCO-DEV project: “Enhancing health system quality of care in pregnancy and childbirth based on locally generated evidence and adapted interventions”. A collaboration between Heidelberg University, Muhimbili College of Health Sciences, Tanzania and Karolinska Institutet

2000-2005 Partner in the first phase of a Danida funded project: “Strengthening Population and Reproductive Health Research in Vietnam (REACH). A Capacity-Building and Interdisciplinary Research Project between Scientific Institute for Population, Family and  Children and University of Copenhagen (DKK 7,610,000)

2004-2005 Partner in a qualitative study of refugees and immigrants contraceptive attitudes, experiences and use. Funded by the Danish National Board of Health (DKK 1,200,000)

2005-2006 Team leader of the USAID Postabortion Care Technical Advisory Panel

2005- Principal investigator in the second phase of the REACH project (DKK 7,620,735)

2008-2011 Principal investigator in a Danida funded project: “Primary and secondary prevention of cervical cancer in Tanzania” conducted in collaboration with Ocean Road Cancer Institute, Tanzania, Danish Cancer Society, University of Tubingen and University of Copenhagen  (DKK 2,000,000)

2011-2014 Representing University of Southern Denmark in the BSU Platform on Human Health

2012- Partner in a Danida funded project: “Intimate Partner Violence in Tanzania and Vietnam (PAVE) An Interdisciplinary Research Project between Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre, Hanoi Medical University, University of Copenhagen and University of Southern Denmark (DKK 8,063,000)

2014-2016 Partner in a Danida funded projectBuilding Stronger Universities, Phase II (DKK 8,000,000)

2015- Main Danish counter partner in a Danida funded projectComprehensive Cervical Cancer Prevention in Tanzania (DKK 8.999.694)

2017- Partner in a Danida funded projectBuilding Stronger Universities, Phase III (DKK 13,000,000)

2020- Principal investigator in an EU funded project “Stop intimate partner violence (STOP) (DKK 8,617,000) An Interdisciplinary Research Project between University of Southern Denmark and University of Granada

Involvement in teaching and PhD and Master education
Teaching experience in sexual and reproductive health from University of Copenhagen, University of Southern
Denmark, Karolinska Institutet, Lund-Malmø University, Scientifically Institute of Family, Population and
Children, Hanoi, Vietnam and Jimma University Hospital, Ethiopia. Supervisor for 11 PhD students and 35 master students.

Scientific achievements
Author of more than 100 papers in international scientific journals, 4 review publications, 1 book, 2 book chapters, 9 scientific reports and 35 international peer reviewed abstracts. All research activities have had a focus on reproductive health. H-index 21 (April 2020).


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