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Since December 2011:

  • A/Professor in Business Marketing and Regional Entrepreneurship at University of Southern Denmark SDU, campus Sønderborg (Department of Border Region Studies (2008-2014), since 2015 Department of Entrepreneurship and Relationship Management.
  • Areas: Business Marketing, Marketing of SME in rural regions, Regional Development. 
  • Special focus on issues as strategic sourcing, innovation management, organisational relationships, network- and clusterresearch. 
  • Teaching (BA and Master): Business Marketing, Strategic Management, Networks and Regional Strategies.

September 2008-2011:

  • Ass. Professor, University of Southern Danmark SDU (Sønderborg)

March 2006 – August 2008:

  • University of Flensburg: Lecturer (Lehrbeauftragte) at the Institute of International Mangement IIM. Subjects: Marketoriented Controlling, Marketoriented Human-Ressource-Management in KMU, Sustainable Management (in english). Projects: „Strategic Regional - Marketing“, „Management of bordercrossing Enterpreneurship“.
    Mentoring of master thesis, Reviewing for the International Journal of Globalisation and Small Business.
  • University of applied Science, Lübeck: Assistant Lecturer, for business economics: Strategic Management, Marketing, HRM.

September 2004 - February 2006:

  • Division Manager/Marketing, BWI-Bau GmbH, Düsseldorf:
    In charge of Marketing, Sales and Corporate Identity and organisation of seminars and conferences in relation to construction industry.

August 2001 – July 2004:

  • Scholarship holder with the federal state Schleswig-Holstein. August 2001 – Juli 2004.
  • Post-graduate research at the University of Urbana/Champaign in Illinois/USA, at the chair of business administration of Prof. Dr. Huseyin Leblebici. Von August – Oktober 2003.
  • University of Paderborn, Chair of Human Resource Management: PhD-research seminar with Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Weber
  • University of applied science, Lübeck: Assistant Lecturer (Lehrbeauftragte) for business economics: Strategic Management, Marketing, HRM, Accounting.

January 2000 – June 2001:

  • Consultant, BWI-Bau GmbH, Düsseldorf: Management and Controlling in the field of legal services in the construction industry. Supervision of the project: „Marketing in the construction industry“.

September 1997- December 1999:

  • Scientific Officer with an project of the University of Paderborn in Cooperation with the „Heinz-Nixdorf-Institut“, Paderborn. Managerial functions: Marketoriented Sales- and HRM. Teaching at the Chair of HRM (Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Weber).

WS 1991 –WS 1997:

  • Studies in Economics at the University of Paderborn: Certificate as „Diplom-Kauffrau“. Specializations: Marketing and HRM. Master thesis: „Customer Loyalty by Communication Management in Computer Trading“.
  • October 1995 – August 1997: Working student, DMG Vertriebs GmbH, Bielefeld: Organisation of direct marketing.

Student trainee August 1993 – April 1994 :

  • 08/1993-10/1993: Sales-Management, adp Gauselmann GmbH, Espelkamp.
  • 03/1994-04/1994: Financial Management, adp Gauselmann GmbH.
  • 08/1994-09/1994: Accounting, adp Gauselmann GmbH.
  • 03/1995-04/1995: Sales-Management, Weidmüller Vertriebs GmbH, Paderborn.:

Selected Publications / Journal Articles: 

  • Leick, B., Gretzinger, S., & Roddvik, I. N. (2023). Creative entrepreneurs and embeddedness in non-urban places: a resource exchange and network embeddedness logic. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research29(5), 1133-1157.
  • Gretzinger, S., Ulrich, A. M. D., Hollensen, S., & Leick, B. (2021). Understanding incubation during foreign market entry: lessons learnt from an illustrative Danish case study. Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing.
  • Leick, B., & Gretzinger, S. (2020). Business networking in organisationally thin regions: a case study on network brokers, SMEs and knowledge-sharing. Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development.
  • Royer, S., Gretzinger, S., & Brown, K. (2019). The Value Adding Web Concept of Clusters–Strengthening and Extending the Fundament: Resources, Capabilities and Rents. mrev management revue, 30(4), 389-411.
  • Leick, B., & Gretzinger, S. (2018). Brokerage and governance for business networks: a metasynthesis-based discussion. Journal of Management & Governance, DOI 10.1007/s10997-018-9403-2, 1-32.
  • Gretzinger, S., Fietze, S., Brem, A., & Ogbonna, T. T. U. (2018). Small scale entrepreneurship–understanding behaviors of aspiring entrepreneurs in a rural area. Competitiveness Review: An International Business Journal, 28(1), 22-42.
  • Gretzinger, S., & Leick, B. (2017). Brokerage-based value creation: the case of a Danish offshore business network. IMP Journal, 11(3), 353-375.
  • Gretzinger, S., Royer, S. (2014): Relational Resources in Value Adding Webs: The Case of a Southern Danish Firm Cluster Relational Resources in Value Adding Webs: The case of a Southern Danish Firm Cluster. In: European Management Journal. Vol. 32 (1), p. 117-131.
  • Gretzinger, S., Hinz, H., Matiaske, W. (2012): Intermediaries in the Management Process of Innovation: The Case of Danish and German SMEs. In Case-Studies in Innovation: For Researcher, Teachers and Students, Fulford, H. (ed.). Academic Publishing International (api), 12 p.
  • Gretzinger, S., Hinz, H., Matiaske, W. (2010): Cooperation in Innovation Networks: The Case of Danish and German SMEs. In: Management Revue, Vol. 21 (2). 193 - 216.
  • Gretzinger, S. (2008): Strategic Outsourcing in the German Engine Building Industry: An Empirical Study Based on the Resource Dependence Approach. Management Revue. Vol. 19 (3), 200-228.
  • Gretzinger, S: Strategic Outsourcing in the German Engine Building Industry. An empirical Study based on the Resource Dependence Approach. In: management revue, Vol. 19, issue 3, 2008, 200-229.
  • Gretzinger, S.: Strategische Gestaltung des Outsourcing im deutschen Maschinenbau: Eine empirische Studie auf Basis des Resource-Dependence-Ansatzes. Hampp-Verlag, Mering, 2008.
  • Gretzinger, S.: Strategisches Ressourcen-Management: Die Perspektive des Resource-Dependence-Ansatzes. Working paper IIM, Universität Flensburg, 2008.
  • Gretzinger, S.; Schäfermeier, U.; Dangelmaier, W.; Weber, W.: Wettbewerbsvorteile durch Kooperationen. In: Personalwirtschaft, 1999, S 60-65.
  • Gretzinger, S.; Matiaske, W.: Marktorientiertes Human-Ressource-Management in strategischen Netzwerken. In: Meyer, J. – A.(ed.); Jahrbuch der KMU-Forschung. München, 2000, S 355-369.
  • Gretzinger, S.; Matiaske, W.: Steuerungsprobleme in strategischen Netzwerken – Eine machttheoretische Problematisierung am Beispiel eines Entwicklungsverbundes von klein- und mittelständischen Unternehmen. In: Matiaske et al. (ed.): Empirische Entscheidungs- und Organisationsforschung. Heidelberg, 2000, S 53-66.
  • Gretzinger, S.; Matiaske, W.; Weber, W.: Kooperation und Konflikt in strategischen Netzwerken – Am Beispiel eines Entwicklungsverbundes von klein- und mittelständischen Unternehmen. In: zfo (Zeitschrift für Führung und Organisation), 2002, 71 Jg., Nr. 1, S 22-25.

Selected Publications / Book Chapter: 

  • Gretzinger, S., Leick, B., Dyhr Ulrich, A. M. (2023): Social-exchange versus economic-exchange driven processes: The emergence of peer-to-peer start-up-business models in Denmark. In: Sabine Baumann (ed.): Handbook on Digital Platforms and Business Ecosystems in Manufacturing, Edward Elgar.
  • Gretzinger, S., Ingstrup, M. B. (2022). Participation of micro-enterprises and public organisations in rural development projects: Balancing between collaboration and tensions. I B. Leick, S. Gretzinger, & T. Makkonen (red.), The Rural Enterprise Economy (s. 117-129). Routledge. Routledge Studies in the Economics of Business and Industry
  • Leick, B., Makkonen, T., & Gretzinger, S. (2021). The Rural Enterprise Economy: Conclusions and implications. In The Rural Enterprise Economy (p. 10). Routledge.
  • Leick, B.; Eklund, M., Gretzinger, S., Dyhr Ullrich A. M. (2021). Regional Sharing-Economy Entrepreneurs and the Diversity of their Business Models. In: Vinogradov, E., Leick, B., Assadi, D. Digital Entrepreneurship and the Sharing Economy: Routledge, New York.
  • Gretzinger, S. (2020). Entrepreneurship – Social Innovative Entrepreneurship: An Integrated Multi-level Model. In: Kasmi, F. & Adatto, L.: Innovation Economic, Engineering and Management Handbook 2: Specia l Themes. Uzunidis, D., Wiley, pp. 129-134.
  • Gretzinger, S., & Royer, S. (2018). Adding Social Capital Considerations to the Value Adding Web Concept of Clusters. In S. Fietze, D. Holtmann, & F. Schramm (Eds.), Zwischen Provinzen und Metropolen: Stationen einer Sozioökonomischen Reise. Festschrift für Wenzel Matiaske (pp. 57-68). Augsburg, München: Rainer Hampp Verlag.
  • Leick, B., Gretzinger, S. (2018): Local cases of institutional entrepreneurship: Change agents in regions facing demographic change. In: Governance and Political Entrepreneurship for Growth and Entrepreneurship: in Times of Europe's Economic Crisis. Karlsson, C., Sillander, D. & Sillander, C. (red.). Edward Elgar Publishing, Incorporated.
  • Leick, B., Gretzinger, S. (2018):  Institutional entrepreneurship: a different perspective on political entrepreneurs?. In: Governance and Political Entrepreneurship for Growth and Entrepreneurship : in Times of Europe's Economic Crisis. Karlsson, C., Sillander, D. & Sillander, C. (red.). Edward Elgar Publishing, Incorporated.

Selected Editorials

  • Co-Editior of the Management Revue: Socio-economic Studies. Rainer Hampp Verlag
  • Leick, B., Makkonen, T., & Gretzinger, S. (2021). Editorial: The Rural Enterprise Economy. The Rural Enterprise Economy . Routledge.
  • Leick, B., Gretzinger, S. (2020). Knowledge sharing for business cluster and business network contexts. Journal of Innovation Economics Management, (3), 1-8.
  • Makkonen, T., Gretzinger, S., Hjaltadóttir, R. E., Lorentzen, A. B., & Shearmur, R. (2020). Guest editorial: Innovation in peripheries and borderlands. Journal of Rural Studies, 78, 531-533.
  • Gretzinger, S., Royer, S., Burgess, J., Brown, K. (Ed.): Journal of Change Management (JCM): Cluster Management, Smart Specialization, Resource based Perspective, Change Management. Artikel sind in Review. Publikation in 2018.
  • Fietze, S., Gretzinger, S. and Matiaske, W. (Ed.): Innovation Networks. In: Management Revue: Socio-economic Studies. Vol. 26 (2), 2015.Gretzinger, S., Brown, K., Freytag, P. (Ed.): Management of Firm Clusters: Challenges for Management and Public Policy. Management Revue Nr. 24 (2), 2013.


Gretzinger, S.: Rezension zu Giuseppe Delmestri: Institutionen, Technik und Ökonomie; Eine organisationstheoretische Untersuch



Research Areas:

  • Business-to-Business Networks: Management and Marketing
  • Social Capital in Business Networks and Cluster
  • Innovation Management in Cooperative Business Networks
  • Entrepreneurial Milieus in Regional Business Networks
  • Embedded Creativity, Key Actors and Incubators in Regional Clusters
  • Institutional Arrangements in Business Marketing

Methodological Approach

  • Network-Analysis: Qualitative and Quantitative
  • Mixed Methods: Qualitative and Quantitative
  • Multiple Case and Single Case Approach
  • New Methods: E. g. Explorative and Confirmatory Meta-Synthesis


Involved in the Project "Energi på havet":

Publications: See publication list on Pure.




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