Ruben Bak Sørensen

Civilingeniør Elektronik

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Personlig profil


Teaching Portfolio for Ruben Bak S.

Teaching in classes should be delivered to students with wonder and fascination. A small demonstration within the day’s topic often brings great motivational energy – because seeing is believing. A few of my favourite teaching philosophies is research-based teaching and peer instruction. These teaching techniques shows students how demonstrations, theory and practical exercises couples to the real world and how they can make an impact on their surroundings in their future. They should learn the curriculum by thinking for themselves, and only using me for guidance. I consider student independence as the most important mechanism to motivate and propel projects.

My academic career started January 2020 and I have been teaching classes and supervising student projects.

I have a background as an electrician, studied BSc Power Engineer from Aarhus University, worked for Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy in Brande for almost 5 years as an electromechanical intern and engineer. I took my MSc in Power Electronics from University of Southern Denmark focusing on drives and renewable energy.

Uddannelse (Akademiske kvalifikationer)

Effektelektronik, Kandidat, Syddansk Universitet

1. feb. 20181. feb. 2020

Dimissionsdato: 8. jan. 2020

Elektrisk Energiteknologi (Stærkstrøm), Bachelor, Aarhus Universitet

1. aug. 20121. feb. 2017

Dimissionsdato: 1. feb. 2017

Hus- og Bygningsinstallationer, Elektriker, Syddansk Erhvervsskole

1. aug. 20081. aug. 2012

Eksterne ansættelser

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy A/S

1. aug. 20151. feb. 2020


  • Stærkstrømsteknologi og El-distribution
  • Energisystemer, analyse og optimering
  • Analoge og digitale kredsløb
  • Effektelektronik og El-konvertering
  • Modellering af dynamiske systemer
  • Digital signalbehandling og systemidentifikation