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Roy Sellars

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Permanent address:English programme,Dept. of English, Danish and Design,University of Southern DenmarkTel.:(+45) 65501455Fax:(+45) 65501092E-mail:roy@ko.sdu.dkEducation and degrees:1983-89 St. Edmund Hall, Oxford (Exhibition/Scholarship)1986 B. A., English (First)1994 M. A.1989 D. Phil., English (Thesis: Bloom, Freud, and Milton: Misprision, Psychoanalysis, and the Question of the Text, vi+366pp.)Positions held:1987-89 Undergraduate tutor, Oxford, GB1989-91 Leverhulme fellow for postdoctoral research, Philipps-Universität Marburg, FRG1991-96 Assistant avec doctorat, Dept. of English, Université de Genève, CH1996-97 Fellow, Society for the Humanities, Cornell University, USA1997-98 Acting Assistant Professor, Dept. of Comparative Literature, Cornell1998-99 Assistant Professor, Dept. of English, National University of Singapore1999- Lektor (Associate Professor), Dept. of English, University of Southern Denmark, Kolding, DK2005-06 Research fellow, The Kierkegaard Library, St. Olaf College, USA2009- Research assistant, Dept. of English, HSG, St. Gallen, SwitzerlandPublications:“Harold Bloom zur Einführung” (in German). Fragmente 37 (1991): 189-212.“Theory on the Toilet: A Manifesto for Dreckology.” Angelaki 2.1 (1995): 179-96.“John Milton” (in French). Encyclopédie du protestantisme. Geneva: Labor et Fides, 1995. 2nd edition, forthcoming.“Milton’s Wen.” Prose Studies 19.3 (1996): 221-37. Awarded Hanford prize for Best Article 1996 by Milton Society of America.“Text and Dreck in the Novels of Tom Sharpe.” L’exil et l’allégorie dans le récit anglophone contemporain. Ed. Michel Morel. Paris, Messene, 1997. 49-59, 166-67.“‘As If His Mouth Were Full of Dough:’ Lewis Carroll and the Gagging of Metaphysics.” Lewis Carroll: Jeux et enjeux critiques. Ed. Michel Morel. Nancy: Nancy UP, 2003. 89-105.“Free Association Revisited: Freud, Adorno and the Gift of the Gab.” Angelaki 9.1 (2004): 203-12.“Rhetoric.” Theory, Culture and Society 23 (2006): 39-40.“Educational Remains: Back to School with Hegel (and Adorno).” Parallax 12.3 (2006): 43-50.“Spend, Spend, Spend: Expenditure and Waste in Hegel, Bataille, Derrida.” Fiction and Economy. Ed. Valeria Wagner and Susan Bruce. Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2007. 152-66.“Preface: Harold Bloom and Critical Responsibility” (with Graham Allen). The Salt Companion to Harold Bloom. Ed. Roy Sellars and Graham Allen. Cambridge: Salt, 2007. xiii-xxiv.“Harold Bloom, (Comic) Critic.” The Salt Companion to Harold Bloom. Ed. Roy Sellars and Graham Allen. Cambridge: Salt, 2007. 255-89.“‘Wallowing in the Rubbish of Departed Ignorance’: Poetic Knowledge in Peacock, Wordsworth and Adorno.” European Journal of English Studies 11.3 (2007): 301-13.“The Fawlty Rhetoric of National Character” (with Henrik Lassen). European Journal of English Studies 13.3 (2009): 319-31.“A Dangerous Perhaps: Peer Review as Friendship.” Hospitality. Ed. Michael Corris, et al. Transmission Annual. London: Artwords, 2010. 228-29.“Waste and Welter: Derrida’s Environment.” Oxford Literary Review 32.1 (2010): 37-49.“Agonistics,” “Dream-work” and “Figure.” The Lyotard Dictionary. Ed. Stuart Sim. Edinburgh: Edinburgh UP, 2011.Co-editing of: Angelaki 3.2 (1998), The Love of Music.Co-editing (with Per Krogh Hansen) of: K&K 99 (2005), special issue on Jacques Derrida (in Danish).Co-editing (with Graham Allen) of: The Salt Companion to Harold Bloom. Cambridge: Salt, 2007. ISBN 187685720X.Book reviews published in Notes and Queries, Review of English Studies, Textual Practice, K&K (in Danish); review in Notes and Queries 237 (1992) republished in: Gale’s Contemporary Literary Criticism 141 (2001).


  • Filosofi og kognition
  • Omverdensproblemet
  • Skepticisme
  • Sprogfilosofi
  • Vidensbegrebet
  • Antikkens etiske teorier
  • Etikkens historie
  • Organisations- og ledelsesfilosofi
  • Antik filosofi (bl.a. Platon og Aristoteles)
  • Den tyske idealisme
  • Fransk filosofi i det 20. århundrede
  • Hermeneutik
  • Kritisk teori
  • Middelalderfilosofi
  • Modernitet, senmodernitet og postmodernitet
  • Pragmatisme
  • Tysk filosofi i det 20. århundrede
  • Fænomenologi
  • Tid og rum
  • Den politiske filosofis historie
  • Multikulturalisme
  • Dannelsesteorier
  • De pædagogiske idéers og institutioners historie
  • Ledelse og organisation i uddannelsessektoren
  • Uddannelsespolitik og uddannelsesøkonomi
  • Universitetsuddannelse
  • Humanistisk videnskabsteori
  • Filosofi og litteratur
  • Værkbegrebet
  • Musikfilosofi
  • Æstetikkens historie
  • Drama
  • Film
  • Kulturteori og kulturanalyse
  • Litteraturteori og litteraturhistorie
  • Retorik
  • Økologi
  • Engelsk
  • Fransk
  • Tysk