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Personlig profil


Curriculum vitae

Personal data
Name Dr. Peter Stief
Profession Biologist
Languages German (native tongue), English (fluency), French (basics), Danish (basics)

Most recent professional activity
2013-Scientist at Syddansk Universitet, Department of Biology, Nordic Center for Earth Evolution (Odense, Denmark)

University education
May 2000PhD in Biology, Grade: ‘magna cum laude’
1996-1999PhD Student at the University of Köln, Zoological Institute, Dept. Ecophysiology (Köln, Germany); Supervisor: Prof. Dr. D. Neumann
Dissertation: ‘Nitrite gradients in nitrate-polluted, bioturbated sediments’
June 1995Diploma in Biology, Grade: ‘summa cum laude’
1994-1995Diploma Student at the University of Köln, Zoological Institute, Dept. Ecophysiology (Köln, Germany); Supervisor: Prof. Dr. D. Neumann
1988-1993Biology Student at the University of Köln (Germany)
October 1990Pre-diploma in Biology, Grade: ‘very good’

Professional career
2013-Scientist at Syddansk Universitet (= SDU), Dept. Biology, Nordic Center for Earth Evolution (Odense, Denmark)
2007-2012Scientist at the Max-Planck-Institute for Marine Microbiology (= MPI-MM),
Microsensor Group (Bremen, Germany)
2005-2006Post-Doctoral Marie-Curie Fellow at Aarhus University (= AU), Dept. Microbiology (Aarhus, Denmark)
2004Post-Doctoral Researcher at the MPI-MM, Dept. Biogeochemistry,NATMIRC project (Bremen, Germany)
2003Post-Doctoral Researcher at the MPI-MM, Microsensor Group, German-Israeli-Foundation project (Bremen, Germany)
2000-2003Post-Doctoral Max-Planck Fellow at the MPI-MM, Microsensor Group (Bremen, Germany)
1997-1999Guest Researcher at the MPI-MM, Microsensor Group (Bremen, Germany)
1996-1999PhD Student at the University of Köln (Köln, Germany)
(see also University education)

Research projects with external funding
1)Summary of major grants
•European Union:1 Marie-Curie PostDoc Fellowship, 1 Marie-Curie Re-Integration Grant
•DFG:3 PhD positions
•BMBF:1 PhD position

2)Finished projects
•N2O: Microbial nitrous oxide production associated with aquatic invertebrates
DFG; P. Stief; 85.000 €; 2 yr (2010-2012)
•DNRA: Dualism of denitrification and dissimilatory nitrate reduction to ammonium in sediment of nitrate-polluted aquatic ecosystems
DFG; P. Stief; 115.000 €; 3 yr (2009-2012)
•BRINES: Nitrogen removal from brines originating from desalination of wastewater
BMBF (German-Israeli Water Technology Cooperation); D. de Beer (P.I.), M. Kuypers & P. Stief (Co-proponents); 130.000 €; 3 yr (2007-2010)
•DOUBLECHECK: Dissimilatory Nitrate Reduction to either Ammonium or Dinitrogen in aquatic habitats
ERG Marie Curie European Re-Integration Grant; P. Stief; 40.000 €; 1 yr (2007)
•DENIMOB: Benthic invertebrate guts as ‘mobile microsites’ in sediments: Hot spots for denitrification and N2O production?
EIF Intra-European Marie Curie Fellowship; P. Stief; 178.200 €; 2 yr (2005-2006)
•BIOTURBATION: Stimulation of the microbial N-cycle in aquatic sediments by bioturbation
DFG; P. Stief; 100.000 €; 3 yr (2000-2003)
•CHIMNEYS: Observations on chimney-building behaviour of Chironomus riparius when exposed to different degrees of oxygen depletion
DAAD; P. Stief & L. Nazarova; 0.5 yr (2002)
•NITRITE: Toxic effects of nitrite on the development of Chironomus riparius and formation of ecotoxicologically relevant concentrations of nitrite in nitrate-polluted sediments
DFG; D. Neumann (P.I.), P. Stief (Co-proponent); 3 yr (1996-1999)

3)Current projects
•MMETSP: Transcriptomics of the benthic diatom Amphora coffeaeformis
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation; P. Stief & A. Kamp (MPI-MM); 2 yr (2011-2012)
•CRUSTS: Nitrogen cycling in phototrophic desert crusts and hypersaline mats
Hansekolleg Delmenhorst; R. Abed (Sultan Qaboos University, Oman) & P. Stief; 3 yr (2011-2014)

Scientific visits and expeditions
2014Field campaign in Disko Bay (Qeqertarsuaq, Greenland)
Copepods as hotspots of microbial nitrogen cycling in the water column
2013Field campaign in Kobbefjord (Nuuk, Greenland)
Nitrous oxide emission from rocky intertidal areas
2011-2012Research visits at the University of Konstanz, Prof. Dr. Bernhard Schink
Microsensor profiling in sediments of Lake Constance
2011Research visit at Lumcon (Louisiana University, U.S.A.)
Microsensor and gel-probe profiling in sediments of the Mississippi delta
2008-2012Numerous field trips to intertidal flats in the Wadden Sea (Germany)
Sediment, microalgae, and animal sampling, In situ measurements
2008-2010Several research cruises off Denmark, RV Genetica and RV Tyra
Sediment and animal sampling
2007-2010Several research visits at the Technion, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering (Haifa, Israel)
2007Janssand in the Wadden Sea (Germany)
Investigation of in situ oxygen and sulfur dynamics in intertidal sediment
2005-2006Numerous field trips to freshwater and coastal marine sites in Denmark
2004Benguela upwelling zone off Namibia, RV Alexander von Humboldt
Investigation of sulfur cycling in retrieved sediment cores
2003Hebrew University, Faculty of Agriculture (Rehovot, Israel)
Investigation of a zero-discharge marine aquaculture pilot plant
2000-2003Several research visits at the MPI for Limnology (Plön, Schlitz) and at the Rhine Station of the University of Köln
1997-1999Several research visits at MPI-MM during my doctoral studies at the University of Köln

Supervision of graduate students
2013-Supervision of PhD student Ann Sofie Birch Lundgaard at SDU (with R.N. Glud & B. Thamdrup)
2013-Supervision of MSc student Michael Joseph Magee at SDU (with R.N. Glud)
2009-Supervision of PhD student Anna Behrendt at MPI-MM
2009-2012Supervision of PhD student Ines M. Heisterkamp at MPI-MM
2011-2012Supervision of MSc student Silvia A. Fuchs at MPI-MM
2009-2010Co-supervision of MSc student Lone H. Larsen at AU (with A. Schramm)
2009-2010Co-supervision of MSc student Nanna B. Svennigsen at AU (with A.S.)
2009-2010Co-supervision of MSc student Maria Sigby-Clausen at AU (with A.S.)
2009Co-supervision of Diploma student Jana L. Nitsch at MPI-MM (with A. Kamp)
2008Co-supervision of Diploma student Celina Kopiniok at MPI-MM (with D. de Beer & A. Bissett)
2007-2009Supervision of PhD student Olivera Kuijpers at MPI-MM
2007-2008Supervision of Diploma student Ines M. Heisterkamp at MPI-MM
2006-2007Supervision of MSc student Morten Poulsen at Aarhus University
2001-2002Supervision of MSc student Godfred Ameyaw (Ghana) at MPI-MM
2001Supervision of DAAD fellow Larisa Nazarova (Russia) at MPI-MM
2000-2003Supervision of PhD student Dörte Altmann at MPI-MM
2000-2012Supervision of student research assistants and trainees at MPI-MM

Teaching activities

2013-Field course in Marine Biology (SDU, Odense, Denmark)
Laboratory practical in Aquatic Ecology (SDU, Odense, Denmark)
2008-2011Coordination of the course ‘Marine Microbiology’ at MPI-MM
for ISATEC students of the ZMT Bremen
(with official teaching assignment by the University of Bremen)
Lecturing and practical teaching: ‘Mass transfer in benthic aquatic ecosystems’ and ‘Use of microsensors in aquatic microbiology’
2010Microsensor course at MPI-MM for participants of the BioAcid project
Lecturing: ‘Mass transfer’, ‘Nitrogen cycling studied with microsensors’
2008MarMic Research School of MPI-MM
Lecturing and practical teaching: ‘Mass transfer in benthic aquatic ecosystems’
2005-2006Aarhus University, Dept. Microbiology, Denmark
Practical teaching: ‘Microbial ecology and biogeochemistry’
2005-2006University of Copenhagen and Nordic Research Board, Denmark
Lecturing: ‘LIX microsensors’ and ‘Novel microsensor applications’
2001Microsensor course at MPI-MM
Practical teaching: ‘Construction and use of microsensors’

1)Publications in numbers
a.Number of peer-reviewed articles = 47
b.Average journal impact factor = 4.1
c.Number of citations = 749
d.H-index = 17

2)Prices and awards
2012Poster award at ISME-14 in Copenhagen
(First author: Jörg Deutzmann, University of Konstanz, Germany)
2011Step 2 in the ERC Starting Grant evaluation (Call: ERC-2011-StG)
2010Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation: Marine Microbial Eukaryote Transcriptome Sequencing Project (with Anja Kamp, MPI-MM)
2009Best ecology paper in 2009: Stief et al. (2009)
Faculty of 1000 Biology (www.f1000biology.com)
2005-2006Marie-Curie Fellowship
PostDoc at AU (Aarhus, Denmark)
2000-2003Max-Planck Fellowship
PostDoc at MPI-MM (Bremen, Germany)

3)Invited presentations at conferences and in research institutes
2014Coastal Nitrogen Synthesis Charrette (Woods Hole, U.S.A.)
2014Arctic Station in Qeqertarsuaq (Greenland)
2011EAWAG Zürich (Switzerland)
2011IGB Berlin (Germany)
2011University of Konstanz (Germany)
2011University of Köln (Germany)
2010Volcani Center in Rishon LeZion (Israel)
2007Technion in Haifa (Israel)
2006Aarhus University (Denmark)
2006University of Hannover (Germany)
2005ASLO Meeting in Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
2005Marie Curie Conference in Pisa (Italy)
2003Max-Planck-Institute for Limnology in Plön (Germany)
2003University of Konstanz (Germany)

a.4 publications were positively evaluated by the Faculty of 1000 Biology (www.f1000biology.com)
b.3 publications were featured on the homepage of the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology, Bremen (www.mpi-bremen.de/Pressemitteilungen.html)
c.2 publications were featured in the national and international press (e.g., Spiegel, Weserkurier, Politiken, La Recherche, Weekendavisen)
d.1 publication was featured in the exhibition "Wissen schaf(f)t Gesundheit - Forschung in Bremen" in the Haus der Wissenschaft (www.hausderwissenschaft.de)


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