Nicola Tollin

PhD, MPhil, Dott.Arch.

  • Campusvej 55

    5230 Odense M


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Personlig profil


Urban Resilience, Sustainable Urban Development, Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation, Disaster Risk Reduction, Circular Economy, Evaluation of Sustainability, Sustainable Development Goals, Sustainability Transition


Dr Nicola Tollin is Professor with special responsibilities in Urban Resilience at University of Southern Denmark, with mandate to form and coordinate a research group on urban resilience, a key research area within SDU Civil and Architectural Engineering.

Nicola holds a M.Arch. in architecture from University IUAV of Venice (sustainable urban development), a M.Phil. in sustainability from Technical University of Catalunya (sustainable urban development evaluation) and a Ph.D. in sustainability from Technical University of Catalunya (urban resilience transition).

Nicola worked as researcher and lecturer at University IUAV of Venice (Department of Urbanism), Technical University of Denmark (Department of Civil Engineering), Technical University of Catalunya (UNESCO Chair on Sustainability), and University of Bradford (Centre for Sustainable Environments).

He has over 20 years of international experience in research, capacity-building, education on sustainable development, resilience, climate change, circular economy and innovation focusing on cities and regions. He has coordinated/participated in over 70 research, education and urban development projects worldwide, including 13 EU funded, in several countries including Colombia, Philippines, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Brazil.

He authored over 100 scientific publications, delivered over 100 speeches/presentations in 20 countries worldwide, and co-organized over 25 international conferences and official side events at UN’s conferences. He has been serving as expert for numerous private and public organizations, including local-authorities, European Commission and United Nations programs and agencies, including UN-Habitat and UNFCCC.

Nicola is co-founder of Recycling Cities International Network RECNET, Executive Director of RESURBE International Program on Urban Resilience and Editor in Chief of the Resilient Cities book series published by Springer.


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