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Kira Vrist Rønn

Lektor, Institut for Statskundskab

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Personlig profil


Intelligence and national security have long been my main area of research. Academically, I have transferred distinctions from applied philosophy - often in refined and adapted versions - to the context of security governance. This is evidenced in my main scholarly contributions, e.g., on how to assess specific surveillance activities and on the dissemination of intelligence logics into traditional non-intelligence contexts, e.g., general crime prevention.

I have a leg in both theory and practice, and it is my ambition to harvest the many fruits that comes from integrating thinking about concrete security practices with theoretical conceptualisations thereof. 

Current projects

Currently, I run the research project “The Online Police Gaze” founded by The Independent Research Fund Denmark. The project focuses on the practices of online policing. The ability of the police to navigate digital spaces is increasingly necessary to counteract cybercrime and maintain public safety. The purpose of the project is to scrutinize the preconditions for online policing both patrolling and online investigations. A central assumption of the project is that the online police gaze, understood as the ways in which officers assess, judge, and act in specific online situations, differ from traditional police discretion. This is due to the fact that officers are not confronted directly with the offenders; the types of crime conducted online are often borderless; and the main sources of suspicion are digital in nature e.g. written words and photos. Our main research question is: how is the online police gaze practised? Our aims are to build new theoretical knowledge on the online police metier generally, and on the online police gaze, specifically, based on comprehensive empirical data.

Finally, I thrive in interdisciplinary research environments that honor important societal engagements. Previously, I was Senior Lecturer at University College Copenhagen – Section for Emergency and Risk Management; postdoc at Department for Political Science, University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Strategic Analyst at Danish National Police, and PhD fellow at Section for Philosophy, UCPH. 


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