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Offentlig organisation og ledelse, herunder strategisk ledelse


Holding a chair in public organization and management theory, I have specialized my research empirically in the study of local governments, their organization and management. Furthermore I have specialized my theoretical interest in strategic management.

I strongly believe in making at difference by adding value to and contibuting to the development of my students and society. To this end my specialization paves the way for teaching activities as well as for contributing to the dessimination of research and research discources of relevance to society at large. Accordingly I have been used extensively both as a key note speaker at seminars and conferences for emplyees and managers and as a commentator on current developments in public administration.

For many years I have been a main entrepreneur and manager in the development of diploma and master programes aimed at public management and leadership.

My teaching portfolio, instruction and tutoringcapacity encompasses topics such as: strategic mangagement, organization development, organizational change, political and administrative leadership, roles and identities, organizational culture, motivationtheory, organizational citizenship and stewardship theory, modernization of the wellfare state and the role of compeeting governance paradigms.

My latest researchinterest concerns the problematic disappearence of the humanities in social science and the growing beliefs in evidence based, datadriven scientific management. This leeds to my recent investigation into the importance of virtues and enligthenment (dannelse) in public management with a particular fokus on topics such as faith, feelings, identity and moral leaderhisp, strategic narratives and the management of meaning.

Methodologically and theoretically my anchorage is within qualitative research and contructivism (I believe in a realistic onthology and a contructivistic epistemology).


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