Billede af Kasper Primdahl Olesen

Kasper Primdahl Olesen

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Personlig profil


I am a trained geochemist with an interest in applying geochemical and isotopic tracers to unravel the coevolution of life and the environment through Earths history. I am particularly interested in the development and application of novel stable isotope systems sensitive towards oxygenation of the atmosphere and oceans.

In my current PhD project I am working towards a thorough understanding of the processes that drive elemental and isotopic cycling of Tl and U in modern oceans, and how oxygenation signals are preserved through sediment diagenesis in the isotopes of these elements


  • Oxygen og ilt
  • Tungmetaller
  • Geokemi
  • Akvatisk kemi
  • Massespektrometri
  • Biogeokemi
  • Oceanografi