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Prevention and treatment of joint injuries and musculoskeletal pain conditions such as osteoarthritis

Jonas Bloch Thorlund´s (JBT) research mainly focus on investigating if less invasive treatments (e.g. exercise therapy) can replace or reduce the use of treatments such as pain medication and surgery that carry higher risk of harms for joint injuries and musculoskeltal pain.

Current main research projects:

  • JBT is the principal investigator (PI) of Knee Arthroscopy Cohort Southern Denmark – KACS. The aim of the KACS cohort is to investigate the natural time course of patient perceived pain and function after meniscectomy with particular focus on the dependence of the different types of meniscus tears.
  • JBT is the senior investigator on the Danish Rct on Exercise versus Meniscal Surgery for young adults - the DREAM study. 
  • Currently conducting and planing several studies on the use of opioids for osteoarthritis pain and the potential of exercise therapy to reduce opioid use.


JBT is employed as Professor of Musculoskeletal Health in the Research Unit for Musculoskeletal Function and Physiotherapy at the Dept. of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics and is also affiliated to the Research Unit of General Practice at the Dept. of Public Health. He has a background in Sports Science and Health (MSc) and defended his PhD in 2011.

JBT holds several competitive grants from Independent Research Fund Denmark and he is an Associate Editor for BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders. In addition, he perform numerous ad-hoc reviews of grants and for scientific journals including for top journals such as BMJ, Ann Intern Med, Ann Rheum Dis, Osteoarthritis & Cartilage and British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Follow JBT on twitter: @jbthorlund

Link to list of publications in PubMed: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=Thorlund+JB 


Teaching portfolio

Pedagogical training:
2000-2003      Pedagogical training as part of BSc in Sports Science and Health
2013              Lecturer training program for assistant professors
2013              Course in PhD supervision

Educational administrative tasks:
Head of PhD program in physical activity and musculoskeletal health (Faculty of Health). Responsible for several courses on the Master in Physiotherapy (2012- ).

Teaching and supervision experience:
Since 2007, experience with teaching in a long list of courses at the BSc and MSc in Sports Science and Health (SDU), MSc in Physiotherapy (SDU) and BSc in Medicine (SDU).
Supervisor for a number of PhD-students (since 2013) and supervisor for a large number of MSc thesis (since 2009) primarily at the MSc in Physiotherapy, but also at the MSc in Sports Science and Health and MSc in Medicine.

Methods, materials and tools:
Traditional lectures using power-point or similar, lab exercises, teaching of smaller groups, teaching in combination with pod-casts or using remote teaching, development of data sets and exercises.

Teaching development and pedagogical research:
Participated in the development of the MSc in Physiotherapy (SDU).
Participated in revision of the BSc and MSc in Sports Science and Health (SDU)
Participant in research project on the “Development and implementation of additional introductory teaching material in STATA in biostatistics teaching” for students coming from University Colleges.


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