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My research aims to understand the lives of aquatic microorganisms from several perspectives, including: 1) their genomic potential and measurable capabilities to access and use organic matter, 2) their structure, assembly processes, succession, and 3) their susceptibility for infection by viruses. As a postdoc in the HADAL Center, I will conduct research focused on microbial adaptations and biogeochemical function in the oceanic transition from atmospheric to high pressure conditions. Some questions of interest include: Is there a phylogenetic signal to high-pressure adaptation, or is it phylogenetically widespread? What genomic changes/features underlie microbial tolerance or preference for high pressure conditions? Which enzymatic reactions pertinent to the degradation of organic matter are affected (enhanced or reduced) by an increase in pressure? What are the pressure limits and genes involved for these enzymatic reactions?

In addition to my microbiological and biogeochemical research, I chat with students from around the globe about being a scientist (usually via Skype a Scientist), participate in outreach events (organized in schools, museums, etc), and learn more about and participate in diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.


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