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Personlig profil


Formal education training

I have participated in targeted courses, but most of my training as an educator has been on the ground. I have regularly lectured in pregraduate and postgraduate setting – medical students, medical doctors and nurses. I started teaching during my study to become a doctor, teaching nurses in biochemistry. In general, it is my impression that my teaching is considered to be of good quality and I have received very positive feed-back from students.

Teaching related courses.
I have had formal training in the mediation of Evidence Based Medicine. In 2006, 4th to 9th June I participated in ”How to teach evidence-based clinical medicine” at the McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario (40 hours).
Furthermore, I have participated in Evidence based medicine, 1st to 2nd and 13th to 14th June 2004 at the Nordic Cochrane Center, Copenhagen (32 hours).
During my Ph.D. study I have had training in how to do “Oral presentations”, at The Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southern Denmark (approximately 30 hours) – and have had further informal courses in oral presentations (approximately 20 hours) with feed-back from journalists.

Administrative tasks in relation to education. 

Since 2012 I have been co-programme director for the Graduate Programme for Clinical Research at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southern Denmark. We have developed the leading element in this programme – “the communication of fundamental scientific expertise to researchers with clinically based projects” – and the graduate programme has become popular (with around 70 Ph.D. students signed up to the programme) and now offers a variety of Ph.D. courses. We introduced and completed the first pre-Ph.D. course, for doctors planning a Ph.D. study. This course had very positive feedback from the start and has continued in another Graduate Programme at the university.
I have been a member of the Education Committee of Danish Society of Gastroenterology in the period 2003 to 2011 and as such have been planning and conducting annual post-graduate courses in gastroenterology and hepatology for physicians training in gastroenterology. Furthermore, I have been a member of the Endoscopy Committee for Danish Society of Gastroenterology from 2005 to 2014, planning and conducting annual/bi-annual courses in endoscopy for doctors training in gastroenterology and surgery. I am responsible for the annual teaching in gastrointestinal diseases in module 3B Clinical Pharmacology and Therapy B

Teaching experience

Pregraduate students
I have since 2003 been employed as clinical lecturer (associate professor) at Institute of Clinical Research, University of Southern Denmark. I have taught in the following modules in medicine: (1) K5 Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, (2) K14 Clinical Courses (gastrointestinal diseases). The teaching lessons have been overview lectures, lectures for smaller groups of students in clinical problem solving, and patient demonstration (bed-side teaching). Moreover, I have participated in the training of medical students at the Department of Medical Gastroenterology. I am also responsible for the annual teaching in gastrointestinal diseases in module 3B Clinical Pharmacology and Therapy B; where the lessons have been overview lectures, patient demonstration, and clinical problem solving.

Supervisor for medical candidate research project
I have since 2005 supervised eleven medical candidate’s research projects with subject reflecting gastrointestinal and hepatologic diseases and conditions (see curriculum vitae) and are currently, supervising a bachelor project in biomedicine

Postgraduate teaching
Since my graduation as a medical doctor I have taught regularly.
• As a member of the Endoscopy Committee for Danish Society of Gastroenterology from 2005 to 2014 I have annually taught in endoscopy for smaller groups of doctors (around 20) with lectures and hands-on training in endoscopy. (Approximately 12 hours a year)
• At lectures in Gastroenterology specialist training (approximately 10 hours yearly)
• In the Rheumatologic specialist training
• I regularly have post-graduate teaching session in training of gastroenterologists.

I have participated in OSCE examinations (20 hours per year) and have prepared multiple-choice questions for module K5 and free text questions and multiple-choice questions for Pharmacy students in module 3B.

Teaching materials 

I have written a chapter entitled Medicine in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorder in textbook of Basal and Clinical Pharmacology. Furthermore, I have written a section in textbook about Immunoinflammatory diseases – background and biological medicine, with focus on biological treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.

Plans for teaching if appointed to the position 

I plan to further develop my teaching skills and I feel comfortable with all forms of teaching methods, including overview lectures, problem based learning and bed-side teaching. I plan to continue with supervision of pre-graduate students doing medical candidate projects – projects where I find that my skills as a researcher with focus on evidence-based medicine are well-used. If possible I would appreciate to continue my teaching corresponding to the level of a B-lecturer at the university.


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