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Anvendt lingvistik, Fremmedsprogstilegnelse, Fremmedsprogspædagogik, Computerstøttet sprogindlæring. Internationalisering. Transkulturel pædagogik. Interkulturel kommunikation




Curriculum Vitae

Professional status: Main teaching and research interest lies in international teaching and learning, language and culture, intercultural communication, computer assisted language learning, second language acquisition, the role of meta-language and metalinguistic knowledge in language acquisition, grammar, contrastive features of L1 and L2, learner strategies, cognitive processes of learning, and motivation.

The Outstanding Teacher Award for the Humanities at the University of Southern Denmark.


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  • Pædagogik, uddannelse og dannelse
  • Grammatik
  • Sprog og IT
  • Computerstøttet sproglæring
  • Sprog og pædagogik
  • Narrativ interaktion som motivation
  • Sprog og kultur
  • Det transkulturelle klasseværelse


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