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My research takes as its main topic the social processes within organisations. I am interested in how organizational members create and experience their organisational world and how their activities correspond to the social and cultural settings inside and outside the organisation. Grounded in a social constructionist view, my research addresses the constitution of social reality within organizations and how organizational members, through their situated interaction, shape and re-shape this reality. Furthermore, I focus on the social consequences of human interaction within organizations. In doing so, I relate my research to a critical understanding of studying organisation and management, particularly addressing multiple aspects around identity formation and re-formation, leadership, managerial control, resistance, emotions, and the meaning of work.


  • Forandringsledelse
  • Human Ressource (HR)
  • Organisationsteori
  • Ledelse og organisation i uddannelsessektoren
  • Antropologiske metoder
  • Interview
  • Deltagerobservation


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