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Ibsen’s research interests are focused on risk to infrastructure. Currently, for a project at the University of Southern Denmark, he undertakes research in risk governance in sociotechnical systems. In collaboration with the Centre of Maritime Health and Society, he will provide scientific input to the Denmark’s energy island programme. An energy island serves as a hub for connecting and distributing power from the surrounding offshore wind farms. 

He is searching for research partners interested in the calls:

MISSION-48-HORIZON-MISS-2024-CIT-01-05: Supporting national, regional, and local authorities across Europe to prepare for the transition towards climate neutrality within cities.

MISSION-46-HORIZON-MISS-2024-CIT-01-03: Mobility management plans and behavioural change.

CLUSTER6-72-HORIZON-CL6-2025-03-GOVERNANCE-XX: Exploring the option space to resolve land competition.

In collaboration with the Research Centre for Arctic Petroleum Exploration, ARCEx, (a 16 academic and industrial partners consortium funded by the Norwegian Research Council under the grant agreement 228107), Ibsen has contributed to understanding risk connected to exploration and operation in the north (2021-2023).

In 2016, he successfully finalised the appointment to the BENEFIT project (a 14 academic and industrial partners research project funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme under grant agreement 635973). In this project, probabilistic causation models that jointly consider project governance, business models, and funding and financing factors enabling transport projects’ performance goals to be achieved, were developed.

In 2012, Ibsen completed his doctorate studies at Universiteit Twente in the Netherlands. He has been using the Bayesian networks framework for the quantification of risk and uncertainty in tunnelling, slope stability analysis, project governance and geohazard assessments. He is civil engineer from the National University of Colombia.


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