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01-06-1999    MD, SDU

01-04-2003    PhD, SDU

01-09-2010    Specialist in Neurosurgery

01-11-2016    Professor in Neurosurgery



2018              Neurosurgical editor on “Læge- og Patient håndbogen”

2017              Head of BRIDGE (Brain Research – Inter-Diciplinary-Guided-Excellence) at OUH/SDU

2016              Consultant and professor in Neurosurgery, Department of Neurosurgery, OUH

2011              Consultant, ass. prof., head of research, Department of Neurosurgery, OUH


SCIENTIFIC ACTIVITIES                    

SUPERVISION OF STUDENTS:               Superviser of 1 PhD student, co-advisor on 4 PhD students, supervisor of 5 pregraduate student and numerous candidate speciality students

SCIENTIFIC FOCUS AREAS: Treatment of primary brain tumors, skull base tumors and pituitary tumors. Molecular mechanisms in malignant gliomas. Chronic subdural hematomas. Cerebral metabolism

NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS/COLLABORATORS: Departments of Neuropathology, Infectious Medicine, Nuclear Medicin, Radiology and Neurology, OUH. The neurosurgical departments in Ålborg, Århus and Copenhagen. Initiator of West-Danish Neurosurgical Research Collaboration. Neurosurgical departments of Tromsø, Trondheim, Göteborg and Regensburg

MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE: Head of research at Department of Neurosurgery since June 2011. Board member and chairman of scholar stipend commitee Danish Society for Neurosurgery. Research Management Course 2015. Head of BRIDGE

REFEREE WORK AND EVALUATION COMMITTEES: Referee for several international journals including Lancet and NEJM

ACADEMIC AWARDS AND HONOURS: Price winner at Neurosurgical test, Beitostølen, Norway


Treatment of malignant gliomas: The use of convection enhanced delivery of Auger electron emitter coupled to nucleic acid as a novel treatment of malignant glioma (brain cancer)
Collaborative partners: Departments of Neuropathology, Neuroradiology and Nuclear Medicine, Odense University Hospital, Denmark

Malignant glioma hot-spot study: Histopathologic, genomic and proteomic analysis of malignant glioma hot spots identified by PET scans
Collaborative partners: Departments of Neuropathology, Neuroradiology, Nuclear Medicine and Genetics, Odense University Hospital, Denmark

Fluorescein in cerebral tumor surgery: Investigating the use of fluorescein to peroperatively deliniate cerebral tumors from surround brain tissue

Cerebral blood vessels: Functional analysis of cortical and subcortical cerebral blood vessels derived from larger brain biopsies obtained during tumor surgery
Collaborative partners: Department of Molecular Medicine, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

Cerebral metabolisme in bacterial meningitis: Prospective clinical study on cerebral metabolism in unconcious patients with bacterial meningitis
Collaborative partners: Departments of Infections Medicine and Intensive Care

Subdural haematomas Chronic subdural hematomas – recurrence, risk factors, importance of anticoagulants
Collaborative partners: Department of Neurology, Odense University Hospital, Denmark. Departments of Neurosurgery Ålborg-Århus-Copenhagen, Denmark

Subarachnoidal hemorhage Noninvasive assessment of aneurysm rupture risk and cerebral metabolism in subarachnoidal bleeding patients
Collaborative partner: Department of Thoracic Surgery, Odense University Hospital, Denmark
Lumbar vs. external ventricular drainage – a randomized clinical trial

Malignant medial cerebral artery infarcts CT based prediction of malignization of cerebral medai infarct and subsequent need for decompressive craniectomy
Collaborative partners: Departments of Neurology, Odense University Hospital

Center TBI Collaborative European NeuroTrauma Effectiveness Research in TBI
Coordinators: Andrew I. R. Maas, Antwerpen University Hospital and David K. Menon, University of Cambrigde

Nursing studies Family focused nursing in patients with malignant gliomas


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