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Bipolar disorders


Pulsative Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)

Casein Glycomacropeptide for Mania

Sleeping problems in mood disorders 


Completed PhD supervisions:

2014, 14. Marts. Nicolai Ladegaard: Social cognitive dysfunctions in patients with depression (co-supervisor). 

2017, 16. June. Mette Kragh:"Wake and light therapy for major depression – efficacy, predictors and patients’ experiences" (main supervisor).

2019, 21 januar. Sandra Tillmann. MSC, Impact of gut microbiota modulation on host behavior and metabolism (co-supervisor).

Ongoing PhD projects:

Anette Juel Kynde, MScN. PhD student. Co-designing web-based psychoeducational resources for relatives of people with suicidal behaviour (main supervisor). SDU

Helene Jørgensen, Cand. Psyc.Prolonged Grief in Psychiatric Patients with Mood Disorders.The prevalence of prolonged grief and experiences of loss in psychiatric out-patients with mood disorders (main supervisor).Not funded yet. SDU

Sanne Toft Kristiansen, MCN, Industrial PhD student. The efficacy of ball blankets on insomnia in depression in outpatient clinics. (co-supervisor). AU

Henrik Thyge Corfitsen. Weight gain during antidepressant treatment. Clinical and genetic determinants (co-supervisor). AU




Master’s thesis: main supervisor


1. Højgaard Olesen, C. Evidence of treatment with lamotrigine in bipolar disorder 


2. Haubjerg Vestergaard, D. Bipolar disorder and risk of suicide

3. Albertsen, L. Use of antidepressants and risk of diabetes mellitus


4. Ganeshalingam, A. The association between depression and the number of exacerbations in COPD patients

5. Brandt, M. Prediction of suicide in bipolar disorder

6. Haqjoo, G.A. Diabetes og depression


7. Kamp Jensen, M. COPD and risk of depression


8. Krogh Bak, S. Vortioxetine; effect on cognitive symptoms in depressed patients

9. Krogh, L.M. Postpartum depression and development of the child                             

10. Kodal, J.S. Mechanical restraint and staffing level in a psychiatric ward

11. Stelleck, P. E. Monitoring of Nortriptyline in the blood in depression

12. Saric, K. The risk of not treating bipolar depression in pregnancy

13. Mehdizadeh, S. The effect of anti-inflammatory medicine, primarily celecoxib in depression

14. Linnart Mai, M. Psychoeducational and medical interventions against suicidal ideation and attempts in patients with bipolar disorder

15. Munk Poulsen, M. Mortality risk due to cardiovascular disease and stroke in bipolar patients


16. Silkjær Jacobsen, B. Bipolar depression and lurasidone

17. Friborg Bjørn Nielsen, T. Organic brain abnormalities in Bipolar Disorder

18. Bank, P. J. Organic brain abnormalities in Bipolar Disorder

19. Henriksen, J. Loneliness and mortality

20. Mayland Olsen, T. The challenge to differentiate ADHD and Bipolar disorder? Are cognitive tests relevant tools that can be used to separate the two disorders?                     

21. Buskbjerg Sharpe, O. Inflammatory diseases and depression: The relationship between depression, inflammatory bowel disease and rheumatoid arthritis

22. Bro Andredaki, J. Inflammatory diseases and depression: The relationship between depression, inflammatory bowel disease and rheumatoid arthritis

23. Fiil,S. Evaluation of suicidality in primary care

24. Gramstrup, S. The inheritance of bipolar disorder

25. Linde, S. The inheritance of bipolar disorder


26. Sklet, I. Association between gastrointestinal microbiota and depressive symptoms in humans

27. Schmidt Grau, L. Newer antidepressants; agomelatine vs. vortioxetine and sexual side effects

28. Wichmann Winther, E. Newer antidepressants; agomelatine vs. vortioxetine and sexual side effects

29. Bruun Bech, C. Cardiac rehabilitation and screening for depression after myocardial infarction

30. Salih, R. The relationship between postpartum depression and infant sleep.

31. Riemer Hansen, H. Depression and sarcoidosis

32. Lorenzen, A. ECT and side effects using unilateral versus bilateral application as well as application on the dominant side versus non-dominant side

33. Pauch, J. Hospitalization of severe depression and risk of bipolar disorder              

34. Spanggaard Aielke, J. The association between depression and celiac disease                         

35. Hee Sara Glerup, Y. Ketamine as fast acting antidepressants: effects and side effects


36. Skovby Olesen, S. Bipolar disorder and creativity.


37. Mohammad Matar, M. Use of risperidone in adults with mania

38. Ahmed Dualeh, N. Treatment with Lamotrigine among adults with acute bipolar depression – a review

Bachelor’s thesis: main supervisor

1. Videbech, N.M. Preventing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with beta-blockers

2. Normann, C. Screening of depression in primary care – case based or risk group based 


  • Depression
  • Bipolar lidelse
  • Unipolar depression


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