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Personlig profil


Curriculum Vitae, Dannie Kjeldgaard

Date of birth: 12. April 1972

Position: Professor wsr, Department of Marketing and Management

Head of Research, Consumption Studies Section
Profile Director, Master of Science in Business Administration profiles Marketing, Globalization, Culture as well as Brand Management and Marketing Communications
Member of the Board of the Social Science Ph.D. School
Former responsibilities at University of Southern Denmark

Ph.D. Business Economics - International Marketing, University of Southern Denmark (2003).
Master of Science (cand merc) International Marketing, Odense Universitet (1998).
MA in Marketing, University of Westminster, London (1996).
Academy economist, International Business Academy, Kolding (1993).

Ph.D. Business Economics - International Marketing, University of Southern Denmark (2003).
Master of Science (cand merc) International Marketing, Odense Universitet (1998).
MA in Marketing, University of Westminster, London (1996).
Academy economist, International Business Academy, Kolding (1993).
Previous positions

2006-2009: Associate Professor, Department of Marketing and Management, University of Southern Denmark
2002 – 2006: Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing og Management, Syddansk Universitet
1999 – 2002: Doctoral student, Department of Marketing and Management, University of Southern Denmark 1998 – 1999: Teaching and Research Assistant, Department of Marketing and Management, University of Southern Denmark
1997 – 1998: Undervisningsadjunkt, International Business Academy, Kolding.
1993 – 1996: Account Executive, CMT International plc, London.
Research stays and adjunct positions

2009/2010/2012: Visiting Professor, University of Lille 2, France
October 2008-February 2009, Visiting scholar, Department of Marketing, University of Arizona, Tucson, USA
Regular visiting faculty in Consumer Behaviour at ESC Clermont Ferrand, France (2004-2007)
Teaching Experience – courses taught or co-taught

Bachelor level: Consumer behaviour, Marketing Management
Master’s level: Marketing & Culture, Forbrugsstudier (Consumption Studies, Globalization Processes
Supervision of a large number of bachelor’s and master’s theses

The Tietgen Award 2007 (Tietgenprisen) from the Danish Business Academy (DKK 100,000, EUR 13.500)
People’s Choice Award, Silver Medal, Association of Consumer Research Conference 2003 Film Festival for the film “The Embodied Brand” (with Anders Bengtsson and Jacob Östberg).
Doctoral Education Activities

Faculty member, “Qualitative Research in Marketing”, University of Lille, France, November 2009 and November 2010
Faculty member, doctoral colloquium, European Conference of the Association of Consumer Research, London, June 2010.
Faculty member of the doctoral course “Canon of Consumption Classics”, University of Southern Denmark (August 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012)
Faculty member of the doctoral seminar Qualitative Data Analysis, Ann Arbor Michigan, June 2009
Served as supervisor for doctoral student Sofie Møller Bjerrisgaard (graduated 2010), Served as supervisor for Gry Høngsmark Knudsen, SDU (graduated 2012)
Co-supervisor for Erik Sloth, Aarhus School of Business (graduated July 2012)
Head of committee for doctoral student Mine Ücok Hughes, University of Southern Denmark, 2007.
Committee member for doctoral students Lund University (Sofia Ulver Sneistrup graduated 2008 and Jon Bertilsson graduated 2009), University of Pisa (Zuzana Chytkova), University of Exeter (external examiner, Wu Zhiyan 2010), University of Bath (June 2011), Université Libre, Solvay Business School (Julie Emontspool October 2011)
Opponent for doctoral student Emma Lindblad, Centre for Fashion Studies, University of Stockholm (March 2011)
Faculty member, Consumer Culture Theory Workshop, Evanston, July 2011
Faculty member, Nordic Consumer Research Paper Development Workshop, Gothenburg, Sweden (May 29 and 30 2012)
Other academic services

Member of the Editorial Review Board of Consumption, Markets and Culture and Member of the Editorial Board, Journal of Marketing Management.
Has served as reviewer for Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Management, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Macro Marketing, Journal of Consumer Culture, Journal of International Marketing, International
Head of Jury, The Sidney Levy Award 2012
Journal of Research in Marketing, Marketing Theory, European Journal of Marketing.
Evaluator for The Austrian Science Foundation (2011)
Member of internal evaluation committees
o University of Southern Denmark: Professorship (1), Assistant Professor (2), Research Assistant (3), doctoral theses (1).
Member of committee for Associate Professorship, Centre for Fashion Studies, Stockholm University (2011)
Member of evaluation committee for doctoral student Bernardo Figueiredo, University of New South Wales, Australia
Member of committee for Professorship in communication studies, Aalborg University, Denmark (2012)

Association of Consumer Research

External funding/grants

Co-PI (with Søren Askegaard), Building Branding Platforms for Funen as a Gastronomic Region, Forskerkontakten/Syddansk Vækstforum, DKK 650.000 (EUR 85000), 2011
Co-PI (with Søren Askegaard as main applicant) to the Dean’s initiative for research groups of international excellence, DKK 5,5 mio (EUR 750.000) ver three years. Awarded January 2011
PI on sub-project 5 ‘The Glocal Firm’ under the Innovation Network for Marketing, Communication and Consumption, grant from the Ministry of Science and Technology, total budget DKK 4.200.000 (EUR 600.000).
Guest Lectures

The Embodied Brand”, Department of Media, Copenhagen University (May 2005)
“Glocal Youth Culture”, ESRC Research Seminar Series, Open University, Milton Keynes, UK (September 2006)
“Glocal Consumer Culture”, Faculty presentation, Stockholm University (January 2006)
“Nordic Consumer Culture”, faculty presentation, Gothenburg University (September 2007)
“The Glocalization of Youth Culture”, Aalborg University (October 2007)
“Performative Branding, “ Faculty Presentation, Universite de Lille 2, November 2010
“Performative Branding”, University of Exeter, November 2010
"The Meaning of Style in an Age of Glocalization”, Open lecture, Centre for Fashion Studies, University of Stockholm, March 2011
Post-dyadic Value Co-Creation: Insights from a Myth Market of Marketing , Department of Marketing Research Series, Schulich School of Business, York University, March 2012
Post-Dyadic Value Co-Creation, Marketing Department seminar on Branding, Universite de Lille 2, April2012
“Intro- and Extrospection on the Concept of Value”, SKEMA Business School, Lille, November 2012
List of Publications, Dannie Kjeldgaard

Pipelines & Projects

Karababa and Kjeldgaard, The global commodity chain in a sociocultural perspective, grant applications under preparation

Kjeldgaard D., S. Askegaard and G. Eckhardt, “Glocal Branding”, under preparation for journal submission

Askegaard, S., Kjeldgaard, D. and E. J. Arnould, ““Metaculturation”: Reflexivity and Identity Politics in Greenlandic Food Discourses”, Revision in preparation for Journal of Consumer Research.

Karababa, Eminegul and Dannie Kjeldgaard, “Interrelatedness of Types of Value in Consumer Research”, commentary under preparation, forthcoming in Marketing Theory

Matthias Bode and Dannie Kjeldgaard, “Post-dyadic perspectives on Value Co-Creation”, manuscript under preparation for The Journal of Marketing.

Lachaude, Isabelle and Dannie Kjeldgaard, “Consumer Loyalty Reloaded. A Ritualization Perspective” manuscript under preparation for Consumer Culture Theory Conference 2013 and journal submission

Zuzana Chytkova and Dannie Kjeldgaard, “Gender on the Move. An Analysis of the Interplay of Gender and Glocal Consumer Culture in the Lives of Immigrant Women”, manuscript under preparation Journal of Consumer Research

Sloth, Erik og Dannie Kjeldgaard, Escaping Beauty though Moral Narratives, under preparation for journal submission to Consumption, Markets and Culture.


Emontspool, Julie and Dannie Kjeldgaard, “Cultural Reflexivity and the Nostalgia for Glocal Consumer Culture: Insights from a Multicultural Multiple Migration Context”, forthcoming in Research in Consumer Behavior.

International journal articles and book chapters

Askegaard, Søren and Dannie Kjeldgaard (2012), “The Global Self”, in Ayalla A. Ruvio and Russell W. Belk (eds), The Routledge Companion to Consumption and Identity, London: Routledge.

Bjerrisgaard, Sofie M and Dannie Kjeldgaard (2012), “How Market Research Shapes Market Spatiality: a Global Governmentality Perspective”, article forthcoming in Journal of Macromarketing, doi: 10.1177/0276146712462891

Bjerrisgaard, Sofie M, Dannie Kjeldgaard and Anders Bengtsson (2012), “Consumer–brand Assemblages in Advertising Practices – an Analysis of Skin, Identity and Tattoos in Ads”, forthcoming in Consumption, Markets and Culture. DOI:10.1080/10253866.2012.738067

Chytkova, Zuzana and Dannie Kjeldgaard (2011), “The Modern Woman Myth as a Means of Cosmopolitan Cultural Capital Accumulation: A Gendered Acculturation Perspective”, in Russel Belk, Belk, Kent Grayson, Albert M. Muñiz, Jr, Hope Jensen Schau (eds), Research in Consumer Behavior, vol. 13, 199-216.

Bjerrisgaard, Sofie M and Dannie Kjeldgaard (2011), “Book Review: Cultural Strategy : Using Innovative Ideologies to Build Breakthrough Brands”, International Journal of Advertising, Vol. 30, Nr. 2, p. 356-358.

Kjeldgaard, D. and K. Nielsen (2010) “Glocal Gender Identities In Market Places Of Transtition. Marianismo and The Consumption Of The Telenovela Rebelde”, Marketing Theory, 10 (1), 29-44.

Kjeldgaard D. (2009), “The Meaning of Style. Style Reflexivity Among Danish High School Youths”, Journal of Consumer Behaviour, vol. 8.

Askegaard S., Kjeldgaard D. & E. J. Arnould (2009), “Reflexive Culture’s Consequences”, in Beyond Hofstede: Culture Frameworks for Global Marketing and Management, Ed. Cheryl Nakata, Macmillan Publishers

Kjeldgaard D. & Östberg J. (2007), “Coffee Grounds and the Global Cup. Glocal Consumer Culture in Scandinavia”, videography and article in Robert Kozinets and Russel W. Belk (eds), 2nd Resonant Representations Special Issue, Consumption Markets and Culture, vol. 10, Number 2 (June), 175-188.

Askegaard, S and D. Kjeldgaard (2007), “Here, There and Everywhere: Place Branding and Gastronomical Glocalization in a Macromarketing Perspective”, Journal of Macro Marketing, vol. 27, issue 2 (June), 138-147.

Kjeldgaard D. and S. Askegaard (2006), “The Glocalization of Youth Culture: The Global Youth Segment as Structures of Common Difference”, Journal of Consumer Research, vol. 22 (September), 231-247.

Kjeldgaard D., Csaba F. and G. Ger (2006), “Grasping the Global: Multi-sited Ethnographic Market Studies”, in Handbook of Qualitative Research Methods in Marketing, ed. Russell W. Belk, Edward Elgar.

Ücok, Mine and Dannie Kjeldgaard (2006), “Consumption Practices in Transnational Social Spaces: A Study of Turkish Transmigrants”, in European Advances in Consumer Research, vol. 7, eds. Karin Ekström and Helene Brembeck, Duluth: MN: Association for Consumer Research, 431-436.

Askegaard, S., Arnould E. and Kjeldgaard D. (2005), “Post-Assimilationist Ethnic Consumer Research: Qualifications and Extensions”, Journal of Consumer Research, vol. 32, 1 (June), 160-171.

Bengtsson A., Östberg J, and D. Kjeldgaard (2005), “Prisoners in Paradise. Subcultural Resistance to the Marketization of Tattooing”, in R. Belk and R. Kozinets (eds.) Special DVD Issue, Consumption, Markets and Culture, Vol. 8, no. 3.

Kjeldgaard D. and A. Bengtsson (2005), “Consuming the Fashion Tattoo”, in Advances in Consumer Research, Vol. 32, eds. Geeta Menon and Akshay Rao,Duluth, MN: Association for Consumer Research, 172-177.

Kjeldgaard, D. (2003), "Youth Identities in the Global Cultural Economy: Central and Peripheral Consumer Culture in Denmark and Greenland", European Journal of Cultural Studies, Vol. 6: 3, Special issue edited by Hilary Pilkington and Richard Johnson.

Askegaard S. & D. Kjeldgaard (2002), "The Water Fish Swim In? Relations Between Marketing and Culture in the Age of Globalization", in S. Askegaard, N. Jørgensen & T. Knudsen, eds. Perspectives on Marketing Relations, Copenhagen: Thomson, 13-35.


Kjeldgaard, D. (2004), Consumption and the Global Youth Segment. Central Immersion, Peripheral Positions, Odense University Press, (in Series of Dissertations from The Faculty of the Social Sciences).

Teaching Material
Sofie Møller Bjerrisgaard & Dannie Kjeldgaard (2011), “The Way You See is What you Get”, in Luca Visconti, Lisa Peñaloza and Nil Ozcaglar Toulouse (eds), Cultural Marketing Management.

''tis the season...': brand ritualization of Xmas beer consumption. / Kjeldgaard, Dannie ; Bode, Matthias. I: Consumer Behaviour. a European Perspective. / red. Michael Solomon ; Gary Bamossy ; Søren Askegaard ; Margaret K. Hogg. 4. udg. Prentice-Hall, 2010. s. 640-642

Danish journal articles

Askegaard S. and Kjeldgaard D. (2003), “Det vand fisk svømmer i. Relationer mellem marketing og kultur i globaliseringens tidsalder”, Ledelse i dag, Vol. 13, nr. 3, (nr. 54, efterår 2003). (A rewritten and extended Danish version of Askegaard and Kjeldgaard 2002).

Conference presentations, papers and abstracts in conference proceedings

Competitive paper presentation, “Gender on the Move” (co-authored with Zuzana Chytkova), Association of Consumer Research Annual Conference, Vancouver, Canada, October 7 2012 (abstract forthcoming in conference proceedings)

Special Session presentation, “Post-Dyadic Co-creation of Value. Insights from a Myth Market of Marketing”, VII Consumer Culture Theory Conference, Oxford University, August 2012

Session chair, “Nordic Consumer Culture: between Asceticism and Hedonism”, Nordic Consumer Research Conference, May 31st 2012

Kjeldgaard, Dannie, Søren Askegaard and Gry Høngsmark Knudsen, “ Consumption Practices as Marketplaces Resources – the Case of Women’s DIY”, special session presentation at Consumer Culture Theory Conference, Evanston, Chicago, July 2011

Kjeldgaard, Dannie and Marius Lüdicke, “Special Session: Consumer Acculturation in an Age of Globalization: Critiques, Revisions and Advances”, The Annual Conference of the Association of Consumer Research, Jacksonville, FL, October 2010

Kjeldgaard, Dannie, Søren Askegaard, Eric J. Arnould, ”Metacculturation’: Cultural Identity Politics in Greenlandic Food Discourses”, presentation in special session”, The Annual Conference of the Association of Consumer Research, Jacksonville, FL, October 2010

Dannie Kjeldgaard, Andrea Hemetsberger, Harri Luomala, Dania Mastrangelo, Maria Pecoraro, Jacob Ostberg, Elisabeth A. Pichler, Revisiting the Euroconsumer: Transnational History of European Coffee Consumption, competitive paper presented at European Conference of the Association of Consumer Research, London, July 2nd 2010 (paper available in European Advances in Consumer Research, vol 9.

Zuzana Chytkova and Dannie Kjeldgaard, “Migrant Women’s Identity Formation and the Marketplace: Between Constraint and Creativity” presentation in special session, Lüdicke Marius, Exploring the Boundaries of Market-Mediated Social Mobility of the Marginalized, at European Conference of the Association of Consumer Research, London, July 2nd 2010.

Kjeldgaard, Dannie, participant in Roundtable by Detlev Zweck and Julien Cayla, “Inside Marketing”, at European Conference of the Association of Consumer Research, London, July 2010.

Søren Askegaard, Dannie Kjeldgaard and Per Østergaard, “‘Coldfeet Café’: A Mundane Consumption Experience, presentation in special session by Olga Kravets and Güliz Ger, Stuying the Mundane, at European Conference of the Association of Consumer Research, London, July 2010.

Kjeldgaard, Dannie and Matthias Bode, “Performative Branding”, Consumer Culture Theory 5, University of Wisconsin, Madison, June 2010.

Kjeldgaard, Dannie,Søren Askegaard and Giana Eckhardt, “Glocal Branding”, competitive paper presented at Consumer Culture Theory Conference 4, Ann Arbor Michigan, June 2009

Kjeldgaard, Dannie et al. “Special session: Saving Regional Marketing Theory from Glocalization? Or: What is Context Anyway? Insights from a multi-sited study of the cultural meanings of coffee consumption.” 5th Workshop on Interpretive Consumer Research, Milano, Italien, 2. april 2009 - 3. april 2009.

Askegaard, Søren ; Kjeldgaard, Dannie, “Coaching for Capacity or Incapacity: Self-Actualization and Consumer Welfare”, paper presented at Association for Consumer Research Conference, San Francisco, USA, 24. oktober 2008 - 26. Oktober.

Kjeldgaard D. & Sandicki Ô, “Markets of Consumption Rituals. Construction, Transformation, Representation”, Special session at 3rd Consumer Culture Theory Conference, Boston June 2008.

Kjeldgaard D., “’Tis The Season: Marketplace Construction of Consumption Rituals”, Special session contribution for the 3rd Consumer Culture Theory Conference, Boston June 2008

Kjeldgaard D. & K. S. Nielsen (2008), “Glocal Gender Identities in Market Places Of Transtition. Marianismo And The Consumption Of The Telenovela Rebelde”, full paper forthcoming in Advances in Gender and Consumer Behaviour.

S. Askegaard & D. Kjeldgaard, “The Global Myth of “Me”: Self-Actualization and Identity Practices in the Contemporary Global Consumptionscape”, Special session abstract, presented at Association of Consumer Research Conference, Memphis, October 2007

Kjeldgaard D., J. Östberg og S. Askegaard, “Roundtable: Nordic Consumer Culture. Towards a Research Agenda”, Nordic Consumer Policy Conference, Helsinki, 3-5 October 2007

Kjeldgaard D. & J. Östberg (2008), Coffee Grounds and the Global Cup, Special Session presentation, European Conference of the Association of Consumer Research, Milan 2007

Kjeldgaard D. and Östberg J., “In Search of a Nordic Consumer Culture,” paper presented at 4th EIASM Workshop on Interpretive Consumer Research, Marseilles 26-27 April.

Kjeldgaard, D. (2006), “The Meaning of Style? Style Reflexivity among Danish High School Youths”, in CD-Rom proceedings of Child and Teen Consumption 2006, Copenhagen: Copenhagen Business School.

Askegaard S. and D. Kjeldgaard (2005), “Place Branding and Regional Development: The Case of the Funen Food Centre”, in L. Ziamou & Y. Zotos, eds., Marketing Contributions to Prosperity and Peace, Proceedings of the 9th Conference of Marketing and Development, Baruch University/Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, CD-ROM, ISBN 960-243-016-8.

Östberg, J., Bengtsson A. and D. Kjeldgaard (2004), “The Embodied Brand”. Video presented at the ACR film festival, abstract in B. E. Kahn and M. F. Luce (eds.), Advances in Consumer Research, vol. XXXI.

Kjeldgaard, D. and S. Askegaard (2004), “Consuming Modernities: The Global Youth Segment as a Site of Consumption”, full paper presented at ACR 2003, extended abstract in B. E. Kahn and M. F. Luce (eds.), Advances in Consumer Research, vol. XXXI.

Kjeldgaard D and Anders Bengtsson (2003), “Acts, Images and Meaning of Tattooing”, extended abstract in Darach Turley and Stephen Brown (eds.), European Advances in Consumer Research, volume 6, Valdosta, GA: Association for Consumer Research.

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Bengtsson, Anders and Dannie Kjeldgaard (2002), “The Embodied Brand: The Role of Brand Symbols in Body Expressions”, extended abstract in Asia-Pacific Advances in Consumer Research, vol. 5, 49-52 .

Askegaard S. & Kjeldgaard D. (2000), “Information? Yes! Processing? No! Consumers’ Use of Ethical Product Labelling”, working paper presented at the 2000 ACR Conference, Salt Lake City.

Askegaard, Kjeldgaard & Arnould (2000), "Identity and Acculturation: The Case of Food Consumption by Greenlanders in Denmark", MAPP Working Paper, 67, Aarhus: The Aarhus School of Business.

Popular press publications

Kjeldgaard, Dannie og Matthias Bode, Performativ Branding, Market Magazine, 2011

Sofie Møller Bjerrisgaard og Dannie Kjeldgaard, Cultural Strategy, i Nyhedsbrev fra Innovationsnetværket for Marketing, Kommunikation og Forbrug.

Kjeldgaard, Dannie, Simon Torp og Judy Hermansen, ”Brandingens kunst - kunstens branding”, Market, 2008 ; Maj.

Tilbage til Fremtiden., K O M Magasinet, December 2008 s. 18-21.

Kjeldgaard D. & S. Askegaard, “Glokal branding” kronik i Fyens Stiftstidene
December 2007.

Kjeldgaard D. ”Forskningsrapport fra Jule(bryg)land”, BrandBase Nyhedsbrev December 2007.

Kjeldgaard D. (2007), ”Globalisering og forbrugerkultur – over en kop kaffe”, podcast produced by Center for Kunst og Videnskab, Syddansk Universitet. (Movie – in Danish – can be seen here).

Kjeldgaard D. (2006) ”Antropologerne kommer”, Symboløkonomiske Nyheder, Brandbase, Syddansk Universitet: Odense.

Kjeldgaard D. og Hermansen J. (2005) Ma’huset. Symboløkonomiske Nyheder, marts, s. 14-15. Brandbase, Syddansk Universitet: Odense.

”Den Mærkede Krop – mærkevarer som tatoveringer” (2004), in Brandbase News, 7 (April), Odense: Brandbase.

“Forbrugets Billeder og Billedernes Forbrug” (2004), Brandbase News, 8 (Juni), Odense: Brandbase.

”Det globale ungdomssegment?” Kronik i Ungdomsskolen, nr 6. 2003

”Den globale forbruger. En sammensætning af ligheder og forskelle.” Kommentar i Markedsføring, nr. 13. 2003.

Talks and presentations with other stakeholders

Gæsteforelæsning, ”Bæredygtighed i et forbruger og marketing perspektiv”, Tietgenskolen Nyborg-Kerteminde, November 2012

Oplæg, ”Place Branding i et Glokaliseringsperspektiv”. Kreativt Sydfyn, November 2012

Gæsteforelæsning ”Branding in Glocal Markets”, Tietgenskolen Odense, 2. Marts 2012

Gæsteforelæsning om Globalisering og Kultur, Tietgenskolen Nyborgs Interantionale Sprogdag, November 2011

Panel member, “Energizing Consumers as Responsible Citizens on Sustainability Issue”, Copenhagen Business School, January 21st 2011

Presentation: “Glocal Branding”, Nielsen Research, Copenhagen, June 2010.

”Branding i/af en glokaliseret verden”, præsentation for Ejerledernetværk, Udviklingsforum Fyn, 27. januar 2010

”Innovation i den globale symboløkonomi”, foredrag på Nyborg-Kerteminde Handelsskole, 15. September 2009

Panel member, ”Visionsdag – Smagen af Fyn”, Dalum Landbrugshøjskole, 29. juni 2008.

”Global kaffekultur”. Video and presentation at Forskningens Døgn 2008, Cafe Biografen, Odense.

”Sprog- og kulturkompetencer på det globale marked”, oplæg på international sprogdag, Tietgenskolen – Nyborg Kerteminde Handelsskole, 31. oktober 2007

”Multi-kulti-marketing”, Brand Base, 7. juni 2007

”Glokal branding over en kop kaffe”, Brand Base, 10. maj 2007

”Glokal branding”, for projektet Born Global under forskerkontakten og Brandbase (maj 2006)

”Mikrobryggeriernes indtog i Danmark”. Oplæg for DMF for studerende, Odense 9. november 2006

”Brands og tatoveringer”, Forskningens Døgn, 12. maj 2005, Flakhaven Odense.

”Hvad Globalisering også er”, præsentation ved Træets Dag 8. juni 2005, Dansk Industri, København.

”Kulturforskelle og kulturelle kompetencer”, heldagsseminar ved Odense Renovationsselskab, 10. juni 2005, med Simon Torp

”Globalisering og kropskultur”, to oplæg på international sprogdag, 8. november 2005, Vestfyns Handelsskole

”Den Globale Ungdom? Tanker om forbrug, mobilitet og globalisering fra et forskningsprojekt”. Konference om folkeskolens image, Futura Syd, Sønderborg (03.11.04).

”Hvad er globalisering egentlig?”, Studiekontoret, SDU (22.10.04)

”Globalisering og kulturelle kompetencer”, to oplæg på international sprogdag, Vestfyns Handelsskole (27.10.04)

”Glokal Branding”, præsentation på Brand Base konference (10.11.04)

”Global forbrugerkultur blandt unge. Nye Identitetsbetingelser.” Uddannelsesrådet, Sønderborg Kommune (13.06.03)

”Det Globale Ungdomssegment?” Danmarks Socialdemokratiske Ungdom (20.11.03)

Gæsteforelæsning i faget Indledende Sociologi, Institut for Statskundskab, SDU Odense, (15.12.03)

Regularly interviewed for the national and regional press and broadcast on issues of consumption, branding and globalization

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Netværk Nyligt eksternt samarbejde på landeniveau. Dyk ned i detaljerne ved at klikke på punkterne.

Publikationer 1999 2019

Consumer Behaviour as I see it... Cultural Change as glocalisation

Kjeldgaard, D., 20. maj 2019, Consumer Behaviour: A European Perspective. Solomon, M. R., Askegaard, S., Hogg, M. K. & Bamossy, G. J. (red.). 7. udg. Pearson Education, s. 535-536

Publikation: Bidrag til bog/antologi/rapport/konference-proceedingBidrag til bog/antologiUndervisning

Consumer Culture Theory

Bajde, D. (red.), Kjeldgaard, D. (red.) & Belk, R. W. (red.), 2019, Emerald Group Publishing. 217 s. (Research in Consumer Behavior, Bind 20).

Publikation: Bog/antologi/afhandling/rapportAntologiForskningpeer review

Consumption (of) Failure

Kjeldgaard, D., Nøjgaard, M., Hartmann, B., Lindberg, F., Mossberg, L., Östberg, J. & Bode, M., 8. maj 2019.

Publikation: Konferencebidrag uden forlag/tidsskriftPaperForskningpeer review

Introduction – Consumer culture fairy tales

Bajde, D., Kjeldgaard, D. & Belk, R. W., 1. jan. 2019, Consumer Culture Theory. Bajde, D., Kjeldgaard, D. & Belk, R. W. (red.). Emerald Group Publishing, s. 1-3 (Research in Consumer Behavior, Bind 20).

Publikation: Bidrag til bog/antologi/rapport/konference-proceedingKommentarForskning

Consumer Culture

Sloth, E. & Kjeldgaard, D., 2018, The International Encyclopedia of Strategic Communication. Heath, R. L. & Johansen, W. (red.). Wiley

Publikation: Bidrag til bog/antologi/rapport/konference-proceedingBidrag til bog/antologiForskningpeer review

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Dannie Kjeldgaard (Deltager)
16 okt. 2019

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19. sep. 2019

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Opponent, End Seminar

Dannie Kjeldgaard (Eksaminator)
20 aug. 2019

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External evaluator End Seminar

Dannie Kjeldgaard (Eksaminator)
10 apr. 2019

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Projekter 2010 2019

Editor of Taylor & Francis

Kjeldgaard, D.


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Carlsberg Conference; Consumer Culture Theory Conference (CCTC) 2018

Kjeldgaard, D.


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NOS-HS, Dannie Kjeldgaard

Kjeldgaard, D.


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Storytelling NGO

Kjeldgaard, D.


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Kollektiv branding: Alle for én

Dannie Kjeldgaard


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Kollektiv branding: Alle for én

Dannie Kjeldgaard


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Grill med mindre gris på gaflen

Dannie Kjeldgaard


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Nordic Branding Podcast

Dannie Kjeldgaard


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Most cited paper for 2006, Journal of Consumer Research

Dannie Kjeldgaard (Modtager), 2016

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Dannie Kjeldgaard (Modtager), 2007

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Anthropological Fieldwork

Erika Kuever


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Consumption Studies

Domen Bajde & Dannie Kjeldgaard


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Consumption Studies

Dannie Kjeldgaard


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Global Value Chains

Dannie Kjeldgaard


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Markedsforståelse og kommunikation

Dannie Kjeldgaard & Dominique Bouchet


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