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My research interests include: French language and literature, early modern literature and history, literary historiography, classics, classical learning after antiquity, digital humanities, epic and drama

Curriculum vitae

2022: Maternity leave

Spring 2022: Recipient of the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science's Elite Research Travel Grant

Fall 2021: Visiting scholar, Université Sorbonne nouvelle (with prof. Emmanuel Buron)

Fall 2020 (6 weeks due to COVID-19): Visiting scholar, CELLF, Faculté des Lettres de Sorbonne-Paris IV

2020-now: PhD Student, University of Southern Denmark

2019-2020: Editor, Kristeligt Dagblads Forlag

2018-2019: Part-time lecturer in Comparative Literature, University of Copenhagen

2018: MA in Comparative Literature, University of Copenhagen

2017: Supplementary elective in French, University of Copenhagen

2015: BA in Comparative Literature and elective in Medieval Studies, University of Copenhagen


History Incarnate. Genus and Genre in French Humanist Drama, ca. 1550-1600

My PhD is part of the research project "Histories. Assessing the Role of Aesthetics in the Historical Paradigm".

My PhD studies the embodiment of historicity in French humanist drama on Roman historical themes. Alongside a fascination with the exploits of historical figures such as Julius Caesar and Scipio Africanus, French sixtheenth-century drama took a remarkable interest in their female counterparts, notably the Egyptian queen Cleopatra and the Carthaginian noblewoman Sophonisbe, who in opposing but complementary ways came to embody the precariousness of historical existence. Written at a time when France was affected by civil religious wars, drama became a privileged textual space for historical reflection. By analyzing a number of tragedies from this period portraying Cleopatra and Sophonisbe in relation to their historical sources from antiquity, my PhD studies aesthetic approaches to the framing and using of history in this period. Like many modern scholars, contemporaneous poetics saw drama about historical characters as a tragic subgenre, yet this PhD will posit the history play as an alternativ generic framework, thus sharpening generic understanding of the humanistic dramatic tradition.


  • Litterære epoker (fra græsk og romersk antik til postmodernisme)
  • Antikreception
  • Litteraturhistoriografi
  • Poetik, digtning og filosofi
  • Sprog og kultur


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