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Treatment escalation leads to fewer relapses compared with switching to another moderately effective therapy

Members of Danish Multiple Sclerosis Group & Jensen, H. B., feb. 2019, I : Journal of Neurology. 266, 2, s. 306–315

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Status of diagnostic approaches to AQP4-IgG seronegative NMO and NMO/MS overlap syndromes

Juryńczyk, M., Weinshenker, B., Akman-Demir, G., Asgari, N., Barnes, D., Boggild, M., Chaudhuri, A., D'hooghe, M., Evangelou, N., Geraldes, R., Illes, Z., Jacob, A., Kim, H. J., Kleiter, I., Levy, M., Marignier, R., McGuigan, C., Murray, K., Nakashima, I., Pandit, L. & 11 flere, Paul, F., Pittock, S., Selmaj, K., de Sèze, J., Siva, A., Tanasescu, R., Vukusic, S., Wingerchuk, D., Wren, D., Leite, I. & Palace, J., 2016, I : Journal of Neurology. 263, 1, s. 140-149

Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftLetterForskningpeer review

Neuromyelitis Optica
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