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Predictive geneprofiles and dynamic measurement of treatment response in metastatic non-small cell lung cancer

Gehl, J., Frank, M. S., Bødtger, U. & Pallisgaard, N.

01/07/2018 → …

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Endoscopic ultrasound in airways and esophagus in suspected lung cancer: rational tissue sampling.

Clementsen, P. F., Christiansen, I. S. & Bødtger, U.

01/11/2017 → …

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Nasal Inflammation and Small Airways Disease in COPD - The United Airway

Bødtger, U., Obling, N., Backer, V. & Hurst, J. R.

01/08/2017 → …

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Sing-a-Lung: The effects of singing training for patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

Bødtger, U., Kaasgaard, M., Vuust, P., Hilberg, O. & Løkke, A.

01/11/2016 → …

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RUZ: Respiratory Research Unit, Region Zealand

Bødtger, U. & Clementsen, P. F.

01/01/2015 → …

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Is it harmful to receive a lung cancer diagnosis by phone compared to outpatient clinic? A pragmatic randomized trial.

Bødtger, U., Brodersen, J., Høegholm, A., Marsaa, K. & Siersma, V. D.

01/01/2013 → …

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EXTRA: EXercise as TReatment for osteoArthritis

Holm, P. M., Wernbom, M., Morville Schrøder, H. & Skou, S. T.


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Diagnosing malignancy in patients with Pleural effusions

Bødtger, U., Reuter, S. B., Clementsen, P. F. & Fischer, B. M. B.


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COPD, inflammation and rehabilitation

Bødtger, U., Thyregod, M. & Løkke, A.


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