Thiippal/logo-corpus: A corpus-based approach to colour, shape and typography in logos

  • Christian Mosbæk Johannessen (Ophavsmand)
  • Tuomo Hiippala (Bidragsyder)
  • Mads Lomholt Tvede (Ophavsmand)
  • Kristoffer Klaussen-Boesen (Ophavsmand)



    # A repository for the chapter *A Corpus-Based Approach to Colour, Shape and Typography in Logos*

    This repository is associated with the chapter *A Corpus-Based Approach to Colour, Shape and Typography in Logos* by Christian Mosbæk Johannessen, Mads Lomholt Tvede, Kristoffer Claussen Boesen and Tuomo Hiippala, to be published in the edited volume *Empirical Multimodality Research* by Jana Pflaeging, Carman Ng, Janina Wildfeuer and John A. Bateman.

    ## What does this repository contain?

    This repository contains the data and code needed to reproduce the results reported in the chapter.

    ## How to use this repository?

    The analyses were performed in a [Jupyter notebook](, an interactive programming environment that runs in a web browser.

    If you have not used Python before on your computer, install a suitable package manager to manage Python and its associated libraries. For macOS, we recommend [Homebrew]( In case you run Windows, use [miniconda](

    To install Jupyter on **macOS**, follow the instructions below:

    1. Open the Terminal application

    2. Create a Python 3 virtual environment named `logocorp` by entering the following command: `python3 -m venv ~/logocorp`

    3. Clone this repository from GitHub by entering the following command: `git clone`. This clones the repository into a directory named `logo-corpus`. Use the command `cd logo-corpus` to change into the directory.

    4. Install the required libraries by entering the following command: `pip install -r requirements.txt`.

    5. Open the Jupyter notebook by entering the following command: `jupyter notebook analysis.ipynb`

    6. Select the *Cell* menu and *Run all* to execute the notebook.

    ## Need help?

    [Open an issue]( in this repository.
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    Dato for datafremstilling15. jun. 2015 - 17. aug. 2020
    • A Corpus-Based Approach to Color, Shape and Typography in Logos

      Bidragets oversatte titel: Et semiotisk korpusstudie af farve, form og typografi i logoerJohannessen, C. M., Tvede, M. L., Klaussen-Boesen, K. & Hiippala, T., 2021, Empirical Multimodality Research: Methods, Evaluations, Implications. Pflaeging, J., Wildfeuer, J. & Bateman, J. (red.). Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter, s. 159-186

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