Occasional songs from the Royal Shooting Association in Copenhagen, Denmark (1782–1869)

Data set


The data set is centered around a catalogue (enumerative bibliography) of occasional songs addressed to an illustrious recipient at parties organized by the Royal Copenhagen Shooting Association (Det Kongelige Kjøbenhavnske Skydeselskab og Danske Broderskab).

A more detailed description will be found in the research article with the title "Increasing Access to Ephemeral Prints. How to Construct and Analyze a Dataset From the Golden Age of Literature in Nineteenth-Century Denmark" (submitted to the journal Orbis Litterarum, in August 2022).

The dataset was also published as a printed Danish bibliography entitled
Dato for tilgængelighed15. sep. 2022
Tidsmæssig dækning29. jul. 1782 - 17. jun. 1869
Dato for datafremstilling1. sep. 2017 - 31. dec. 2022
Geografisk dækningKøbenhavn