Dataset: Occupancy Presence and Trajectory Data from an Instrumented Public Building

  • Anooshmita Das (Ophavsmand)
  • Jens Hjort Schwee (Ophavsmand)
  • Emil Stubbe Kolvig-Raun (Ophavsmand)
  • Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard (Ophavsmand)



Dataset form three PC2, 3D stereo vision camera, form Xovis.
It contains 5,485,350 readings, collected over 13 days, in the summer of 2019, in a public building in Denmark.
The monitored space is 105 m2.

The occupancy_presence_and_trajectories.csv file contains the following attributes:
time: Time-stamp when the entries were collected [Time].
day_id: ID for the specific day in the dataset [Number].
workday: Was the entry collected on a workday [Boolean].
holiday: Was the entry collected on a national holiday [Boolean].
x: Represents the spatial position in X-axis [Number].
y: Represents the spatial position in Y-axis [Number].
occupant_id: Unique Occupant-ID [Number].
height: Occupant height in [millimeters].
camera_id: Name of the camera which collected the entries [String].
Dato for tilgængelighed10. nov. 2019
Tidsmæssig dækning2019